The Most Popular Things to Do in Punta Cana with Kids

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If you are traveling with kids, it can be hard to balance differing family interests and to captivate everyone’s attention. While staying in Punta Cana, the daily routine at your hotel or resort can get monotonous, especially if this is not your family’s first Caribbean vacation. If you want a break from the pool and want to expose your children to new adventures, look no further than our list of fun things to do in Punta Cana with kids. These tours can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, so you don’t need to stress! Bonus: some of these excursions even offer discounted or half-price rates for children!

There is something for everyone in Punta Cana. If your children are little explorers, you may want to try a snorkeling cruise or a buggy tour in Punta Cana or on Macao Beach. If they are thrill-seeking sports fans, try a Surfing Lesson on Macao Beach or a Zipline Canopy Adventure. And perhaps, if your second choice for a vacation would have been a theme park like Disneyland, treat your family to the Caribbean Buccaneers Dinner Show on a replica of a pirate boat!

Going on excursions outside of the resorts guarantee your children will have memories of the trip for a lifetime, and they will surely brag about it back at school! See our list of the most popular things to do in Punta Cana with kids and you’ll never have a dull moment.

[title text=”1) Zipline Canopy Adventure” link=”” link_text=””]

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Introduce your children to high-flying fun with the Zipline Canopy Adventure. Zip among the treetops of the lush Caribbean forest on eight cable lines (the longest line is over 2,500 feet long – over 7 city blocks) in northern Punta Cana. Experienced guides will ensure safety for everyone. As you zip through the trees, you will truly have a birds-eye view of the trees and mountain valleys. Children must be at least five years old, and children 12 and under get a 50% discount.

[title text=”2) Marinarium Snorkeling Cruise” link=”” link_text=””]


Pack a bathing suit, towel and camera and gear up for the Marinarium Snorkeling Cruise! Adults and children alike will delight in this half-day cruise along the Punta Cana coast. Travelers will venture in a glass-bottom boat to see brightly colored fish and marine wildlife. You can even swim with nurse sharks and interact with rays!  Finally, the tour will visit a natural swimming pool where you can dip in and relax, and take in the sun and palm trees. Pique your young ones’ interest in nature and marine wildlife, and satisfy your sense of fun on this cruise. All ages welcome, and children under 12 get a 50% discount.

[title text=”3) Cap Cana Adventure Buggies” link=”” link_text=””]


Buckle in for a journey you won’t forget through trees, to white sand beaches, and to incredible views of blue Caribbean waters with the Cap Cana Adventure Buggies tour.  Drive at your own pace through the beautiful eastern forests and along pristine beaches along secluded paths. Safety instructions will be provided by a knowledgeable guide. Each buggy can fit two people, and you must be 16 or older to drive. This rugged trip may be muddy, so wear some old clothes and a bathing suit.

[title text=”4) Caribbean Buccaneers Dinner Show” link=”” link_text=””]


After a day relaxing by the pool, head to Shark Island for an unforgettable adventure aboard a replica of a 16th century galleon. If your children can’t stop watching Pirates of the Caribbean, or Disneyland is next on your list, the Caribbean Buccaneers Dinner Show will captivate their imaginations. It’s not just for little ones – this excursion will surely delight the whole family. Watch dance and pirate combat scenes, and feast under the night sky on the ship.

The evening includes dinner and drinks. You may even be called to participate in the swash-buckling pirate performances. Insider’s tip: if your child is reserved and would not want the spotlight, go up to the ship’s second floor. Children 11 and younger get a discount.

[title text=”5) Macao Buggies Tour” link=”” link_text=””]


For the more rugged adventurers, the Macao Buggies excursion will be just what you need on your vacation. This tour will take visitors through remote farmland, tobacco plantations and the Oriental Mountain range near Punta Cana. First, stop at a local ranch and learn about Dominican products such as cocoa, coffee, tobacco and green tea leaves. Then journey to a secluded cave with a natural swimming pool to cool off. These rugged buggies will then take you to Macao Beach, one of the few parts of Punta Cana that has not yet been developed by resorts, where you can enjoy the blue waters and palm trees.

Drivers 21 and over can operate the buggies, which have automatic transmission, and the tour is not recommended for pregnant women. The tour will get muddy, so wear a bathing suit and old clothes.

[title text=”6) Macao Surfing Lessons” link=”” link_text=””]


Unleash your inner secret surfer dude or dudette with a surfing lesson on the beautiful Macao Beach. This beach has ideal conditions – shallow waters and a soft sandy beach bottom – making it one of the best places to surf in the Dominican Republic. Throw on your bathing suit and sunscreen and get tips from professionals who will help you ride the waves! Even if you have surfing experience, there is always more to learn: there are also classes for intermediate and advanced surfers. There is no minimum age for this tour, but participants must know how to swim. Bring some cash if you’d like to buy souvenirs on the beach.

Booking one of these excursions guarantees you won’t ever hear your children say, “Mom and Dad, I’m bored!” while on vacation in Punta Cana. You and your children will have a blast!

Did we miss something? Tell us about your favorite things to do in Punta Cana with kids in the comments below.

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