Punta Cana Wedding Packages: What to Look For

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Thinking of getting married in beautiful Punta Cana? There are many wedding packages available for travelers to Punta Cana. Enjoy a romantic setting with your love, surrounded by friends and family in the enchantment of Punta Cana.

The simplest way to book a wedding is by buying a wedding package. It involves less stress and running around. Punta Cana has made wedding planning easy with the number of wedding packages available.

All Inclusive

Wedding packages can include the hotel facilities, which might be adults-only, as well as the flowers, ceremony, wedding cake, reception, and more. The wedding team puts together the event, which might include such extras as hair and makeup. Other services that may be included are:

  • ceremony room or chapel
  • food and drink for reception
  • sit-down meal for guests
  • reception room
  • music- in-house
  • photographer
  • bridal bouquet

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Remember that if your wedding is taking place at an adults-only resort, guests will need to be over 18 years of age.

Prices are set at the number of guests that will be attending. Additionally, if you stay for a longer term, the cost of the wedding package might be included. (free)

Basic Wedding Packages

These might start at $500 and can include a honeymoon room, wine, personal website for the wedding, cocktail reception, honeymoon dinner and more. An all-inclusive wedding package will include the location, whether it is at the beach or in an idyllic gazebo with a water view.

Many of these basic packages do not include a reception dinner. A resort might offer several levels of wedding packages, each including more benefits as the levels and costs rise.

One wedding package includes such perks as ironing of the wedding clothing and a complimentary suite for one member of the couple’s wedding party the night before.

All in the Details

Wedding in the beach

If you are going for a beach wedding, find out what is included. Will there be tiki torches, flowered arches, staging, centerpieces for the tables, folding chairs, etc? Added costs can be accumulated if those details are not included.

Be aware that there are requirements for a marriage in Punta Cana. You will need your passport, copy and translation of original birth certificates, and a notary public sworn declaration.

You might also need a copy of your divorce decree. Check with the wedding planning specialist to find out more.

Browse the wedding services online and find your idyllic and romantic destination for your Punta Cana wedding. Then enjoy your dream wedding in this tropical paradise.

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