Punta Cana: Airbnb vs All Inclusive

Couple in an AirBnB apartment

Punta Cana is a resort town in the Dominican Republic. Facing both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the beaches are popular destinations for tourists, and the mega-resorts attract tourists from Europe, Canada, and America.

The tropical climate makes it an ideal destination for tourists looking to explore the Dominican Republic or simply to enjoy the resort at which they are vacationing.

Punta Cana offers many exciting all-inclusive resorts as well as Airbnb choices. Deciding which is best for you may depend on what you are expecting and the type of experiences you wish to have.

All-Inclusive Resorts

An all-inclusive resort offers a full package, for which you pay in advance. The selections are numerous. Choose the types of entertainment, activities, and foods you wish to enjoy during your stay.

View of the beach, pool and palm trees from a resort

There are many resorts in Punta Cana, from which to choose; some are for adults only, but the majority offer family style activities and entertainment with amenities unique to each resort. While each one is different, you can generally expect lush landscapes and an abundance of relaxation choices.

Other activities, in general, include wine tasting, cooking lessons, fitness centers, golf, tennis, and much more. Resorts usually have a concierge service to assist you with daily activities at the site as well as any excursions you wish to plan.

From hotels to individual villas, as a guest, you take advantage of everything that is offered without worrying about costs. You have already paid for everything. Eat at the many restaurants or have a cocktail whenever you choose. All of the amenities of the resort are at your disposal.


If you prefer more of a home setting, an Airbnb may be for you. You book properties from hosts who want to rent their homes, condos or apartments while they are away. Booking a rental is relatively simple.

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You register on the Airbnb site and provide the information they request regarding the type of property you desire, price range, and things to do nearby. It is for your benefit as well as the hosts, who want to feel confident that you will take care of their property.

Plan your dream vacation in one of the many locations listed on the site. Airbnb matches you to a host property based on the criteria you input. Local hosts can steer you to restaurants, bars, activities, and entertainment.

You can feel fairly confident of any property in which you vacation because each one must maintain a minimum rating for amenities and hospitality.

While your stay is more independent than in an all-inclusive venue, you can feel more like a native of the area instead of a tourist. So if you enjoy striking out on your own, this may be a more desirable plan.

Often, adventurous younger travelers enjoy this lifestyle more than families or older tourists, who usually prefer a more controlled environment, but there are always exceptions.

If you choose the independent route, these are some caveats that you will want to consider:

  • Drugs – Beware of engaging in their use. Stiff penalties are enforced.
  • Food and Water – Be careful where and what you eat.
  • Theft – Remain vigilant.
  • Prostitution – While it is legal there, it is not advisable.
  • Sexual assault – Be cautious when traveling after dark.

Warning and attention signs

These warnings should not deter you from enjoying yourself. Take the necessary precautions, just as you would in any large city, and you should have a wonderful vacation.

So, regardless of whether you choose the Airbnb or the all-inclusive resort, Punta Cana itself is worth the visit. Its magnificent sandy beaches and unparalleled accommodations are among the finest in the country.

Fun and relaxation are the primary focuses for the visitor, and the wide variety of accommodations serve it up in abundance.

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