What are Popular Things to do in Punta Cana?

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We often get the question what are popular things to do in Punta Cana?. Since we offer a wide variety of tours and excursions on iHEARTDR we have the data to come up with an answer, so we took a closer look into our records to find out which excursions our customers were booking the most. These are some of our best sellers:

[title text=”Samana Adventure” link=”https://www.iheartdr.com/attraction/samana-by-plane-punta-cana/” link_text=”Price & Details”]

This is the most complete excursion available on iHeartDR and one of my personal favorites. This tour will take you by horse to the most amazing waterfall in the country, on a truck safari to discover a different side of the Dominican Republic and by boat to the beautiful Levantado keys (Cayo Levantado just off the coast of Samana. Duration: Approximately 12 hours.

[title text=”Marinarium Snorkeling Cruise” link=”https://www.iheartdr.com/attraction/marinarium-snorkeling-cruise-punta-cana/” link_text=”Price & Details”]

Discover the exotic tropical marine life off the coast of Punta Cana onboard a glass bottom boat. Visit the Marinarium (a marine life oasis in the middle of the ocean) where you will swim alongside nurse sharks and stingrays. Duration: approximately 4½ hours.

[title text=”Zipline Canopy Adventure” link=”https://www.iheartdr.com/attraction/zipline-canopy-adventure-punta-cana/” link_text=”Price & Details”]

Put your fear of heights to the test zipping through eight cable lines, the longest of which measures around 2,500 feet. Experienced guides will take you from platform to platform (over 15 of them) so you better be on your best shape before going on this excursion! Duration: Approximately 4 hours.

[title text=”Cap Cana Adventure Buggies” link=”https://www.iheartdr.com/attraction/cap-cana-adventure-buggies-punta-cana/” link_text=”Price & Details”]

One of the most sought after places to visit in Punta Cana is almost exclusively accessed by people taking part on this tour. This buggy tour also offers a unique way to discover the backroads of the Cap Cana area. Duration: Approximately 5 hours.

[title text=”Bavaro Splash Speedboats” link=”https://www.iheartdr.com/attraction/bavaro-splash-speedboats-punta-cana/” link_text=”Price & Details”]

Apart from speeding along the coast of Punta Cana, which is as fun as it gets, what most people enjoy the most on this excursion is the SNUBA diving. A combination of snorkeling and diving where you will tow a mini raft on the surface via a lightweight harness connected to an air line that will allow you to securely explore the Caribbean Sea. Duration: Approximately 3½ hours.

[title text=”Super Truck Safari” link=”https://www.iheartdr.com/attraction/super-truck-safari-punta-cana/” link_text=”Price & Details”]

Discover a side of the Dominican Republic most visitors never get to see. Take the country’s backroads to experience the rich culture of the dominican people. Learn how cacao (chocolate) is processed and how tobacco is harvested and rolled into cigars. This excursion s a fun filled day of history, culture and adventure. Duration: Approximately 10 hours.

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