Vacations That Give Back – You Can Make a Difference!

With every tour you book, iHeartDR will buy a square foot of land to create the first animal sanctuary in the Dominican Republic – One Equals One.

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You Can Help

Your online bookings bring our dream of starting the first animal sanctuary in the Dominican Republic one step closer. With every tour booked, iHeartDR will buy a square foot of land to provide cage-free sanctuary for stray and abused animals. We’re in business to help improve our country, we believe that companies need to give back to their communities and use business to improve lives. iHeartDR is not just a name, it’s a profound sentiment for the place we call home.

When Will the Sanctuary Be Ready?

This is a long term commitment on our part, with every tour booked online we set aside the money necessary to acquire one square foot of land near the city of Santo Domingo for the creation of the sanctuary. Our goal is to buy a large enough area of land to be able to take in all kinds of animals and create species specific habitats within the shelter. The more tours are booked online the faster we will be able to achieve our goal which is extra incentive for us to help more visitors like you find the best things to do in DR, we want to make as big an impact in our home country as humanly possible.

Why Animals?

Ever since iHeartDR founder Aristides Guerra was a little boy growing up in the Dominican Republic he has cared deeply about animals, especially stray and abandoned pets. Wanting to help he created iHeartDR, a company that would use business to help improve the country he grew up in and decided to start with a cause very dear to his heart, caring for animals.

There are many non profit organizations (like Doggie House, Padela, Rescátame) that help stray and abused animals but they are all limited by the capacity of their facilities, simply put they need more space to be able to help more animals. The animal sanctuary will provide those organizations that much needed space to care for the animals while they wait to be matched with their forever families. Farm animals and pets which are not adopted will be able to spend the rest of their lives in the sanctuary, a cage-free shelter where they will be taken care of, loved and protected.

Mahatma Ghandi's quote about animals

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We are very excited to see how the evolution of our giving can positively impact other aspects of life in the Dominican Republic. We’ll keep you posted!

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