Will I Have Problems with Diarrhea in Punta Cana?

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Many travelers wonder about the safety of water in Punta Cana. Having heard of people with stomach problems, many visitors assume it is from the water. However, you can avoid stomach distress by following a few tips.

Tap water vs. Bottled Water

Since the filtration in Punta Cana is not as thorough as in the United States, it is advised that drinking tap water might cause stomach distress or diarrhea. Drinking bottled water is suggested.

Bottled water from the area is purified; imported bottled water is the best bet, but is not necessary. Drinks with ice cubes, unless from the hotel, may be more troublesome.

Dining in Restaurants

Eating in the hotel restaurants is fine. Many of the visitors who have upset stomachs and diarrhea may have over-indulged in drinking and eating. Coconut water has a diuretic effect, so too much of those kinds of drinks can cause stomach problems.

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It may be the alcohol that is causing the problems, with some travelers, and not the water.

Salads in restaurants are fine; since hotel and resort restaurants depend on the well-being of their visitors, it makes sense that they would use the best water possible.

Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is always advised, and drinking in moderation makes sense.

There is an abundance of different restaurants and types of ethnic cuisine in Punta Cana; read the reviews and choose one that has the type of food that you can tolerate.

When at home, if hot and spicy food upsets your stomach, while in Punta Cana, avoid that festive restaurant with its hot and spicy menu.

Many restaurants have vegan and vegetarian options; you can also find steakhouses and American food easily. Find some good restaurants with reviews here.

Carrying Water

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Since you may be out and about exploring Punta Cana, it may be in your best interest to always have bottled water with you. Staying hydrated will do a lot in keeping you feeling well, especially if you’re drinking enough bottled water.

Opting for drinks that do not have ice and drinking bottled water only will keep your stomach feeling its best while visiting Punta Cana.

Choose known restaurants and eat the foods that you are known to tolerate; all these suggestions should keep you free of diarrhea while on vacation and allow you to have a great time.

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