How Much Cash to Carry in Punta Cana?

Dollar bills

The question of having cash to spend and tip is an important one when traveling to Punta Cana. You will want to carry some cash, though not enough to worry about if something happens to your wallet or purse while out.

You probably don’t want to carry large amounts of cash when you are going out in Punta Cana. The resort will have a safe for you to keep your money in. It is not a good idea to carry a lot of cash when you are about the town or countryside.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Bring cash for tipping, especially while at the beach and the pool. Since you may be ordering drinks, you will need to tip your server. This may not be necessary every time if the same person might be serving you.

It has been suggested to have a small pouch or bag with $1 bills. Most of your cash can be left back in the room, in a safe.

Paying in Pesos


Although most things can be paid for in dollars, you can go to the bank and change your dollars for pesos, the currency of the Dominican Republic. You’ll be able to use a debit card at the bank when transferring to pesos; be sure to tell them where you intend to spend the pesos.

Rather than exchanging a large amount of dollars, you can exchange $50 at a time.

You might want to bring $100 to $500 dollars in cash; however, you do not need to carry it at all times.

Tours can be paid with credit cards; if you are planning on going with Mike’s Punta Cana Adventures you might contact him in advance to find out if you need to pay with cash for one of his excursions.

Airport Arrival Tax


You will need cash to pay the airport arrival tax and may need cash for taxi rides, etc. If you have not purchased a tourist card online, you will have to buy one at the airport with cash; cost is approximately $10.

It will save time and waiting if you purchase it online before your trip.

It is suggested by USA Today that you bring $1 and $5 denominations of bills for tipping. Using an ATM abroad will incur fees, so that is not a preferred option.

The bottom line is: Carry cash for tipping, even at the All-Inclusive resorts. Have fun in Punta Cana, however much cash you have with you to spend.

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