Best Beach Spots in Punta Cana: Where to Go?

Punta Cana beach

If you’re considering or have already planned a trip to Punta Cana — one of the hottest destinations in the Dominican Republic — there’s a good chance that the tropical climate was one of the main draws.

Therefore, it stands to reason that you’ll want to seek out the best beaches the region has to offer.

Here are a few insider tips on Punta Cana’s premier stretches of sand and sea. Note: Don’t forget to pack a good sunscreen, so you can enjoy that Caribbean sun without worrying about being sidelined by a bad burn.

Api Beach

Sunset at Api beach

This darling, crescent-shaped hamlet offers views of turquoise and sapphire waves for as far as the eye can see. While the beach itself is on the smaller side, the secluded nature of the spot more than makes up for the lack of space.

There’s a fabulous onsite restaurant as well, so travelers would be well advised to make a day of it. See the website for photos and information, as well as the restaurant menu.

Juanillo Beach

The very image of what a tropical paradise should look like. Juanillo is an easy walk from many local resorts, and the water is crystal-clear and calm — perfect for swimming. Dry off on the white sand while watching palm trees sway in the breezes overhead, and try not to think about the fact that you’ll eventually have to go home.

Bavaro Beach

Bavaro beach

For deep-water swimming and long walks along the sand, Bavaro is the spot. Several area resorts are set up along the length of the beach, so you’ll likely be sharing the views with many other tourists, but the vibe is friendly and social.

A couple of side notes: While the water is not rough, the drop-off is considerable, making this a better choice for older children and adults than little ones.

Also, be aware that there will be vendors trying to earn your business; be prepared to stand firm if you don’t intend to make any purchases.

Macao Beach

This gem is a key stop along the way during a popular buggy tour of the region, but visitors driving their own cars will also be able to reach it easily. Be forewarned that the swells are much rougher than at some other area beaches, so only strong swimmers should plan to brave the surf.

Vendors are also likely to be more aggressive than at some of the more touristy spots. For all that, however, Macao is a gorgeous destination — well worth a side trip.

Blue Beach

Blue beach

This unique stretch is home to a luxury resort, featuring restaurants, deluxe accommodations, and much more. Its location — only 15 miles from the Punta Cana airport — make this a good choice for anyone who likes to plant their feet in the sand, both literally and figuratively, while on vacation.

Whether you select only one of the above beaches to call home during your stay or take the time to visit all five, you can’t go wrong when strolling along the shores at Punta Cana. Here’s to a vacation filled with fun in the sun!

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