How Many Bahia Hotels Are in Punta Cana?

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There are a number of Bahia hotels in Punta Cana. They range from adults only to family-friendly. It can get a bit confusing deciphering which ones are family friendly, so this might make it clearer.

All Bahia Hotels in Punta Cana

Here is a list of all the Bahia Hotels in Punta Cana :

  • Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia
  • Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Blue
  • Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Green
  • Luxury Bahia Principe Esmerelda
  • Bahia Principe Bavaro
  • Grande Bahia Principe Punta Cana
  • Grande Bahia Turquesa

The two hotels on the list that are for adults only are :

  • Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Blue
  • Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Green

With those eliminated for family fun, which hotel is best if traveling with kids?

Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia


With a theme related to a castle, enchantment takes place for kids and adults. It features two swimming pools and a children’s water park. All-inclusive, it has three castles with the Kidsclub, Garden Circus restaurant and a sushi bar.

Activities for kids include costume workshops, cooking, crafts, games, and expeditions. For family members 12 to 17, there is a Teen Club. The resort also has activities designed specifically for parents. You can learn more about the Fantasia here.

Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana

All-inclusive, there are organized games as well as a gym, sports and activities. Activities for children take place in the Mini-Club (4-12 years). There is entertainment for kids as well as music for adults. This hotel also has a children’s water park in addition to two swimming pools.

Bahia Principe Bavaro

Children’s (4-12 years) activities take place in the Mini-Club. There is an international program of entertainment for both kids and adults. A children’s water park adds fun for the young ones, in addition to two pools.

Luxury Bahia Principe Esmeralda

Hotel room

Sports include bocce ball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, gym, and mini-golf upon request and is ideal for families with older kids. Charm is one of its benefits.

Grand Bahia Turquesa

Activities for kids take place in the Mini-Club (4-12 years of age). International entertainment program for children and adults with live music and dance that includes Meringue, bachata, and salsa. A diverse variety of shows take place.

This hotel is also All-inclusive. According to reviews, families were very satisfied with its service and amenities.

Such benefits as water parks and family rooms, as well as the Bahia Scout Program, make these Punta Cana Bahia resorts great for family vacations.

Learn more about the family-friendly hotels in Punta Cana, then enjoy a great vacation with the whole crew.

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