Saona Island Catamaran

$45 Child - $89 Adult

4.33 out of 5

Departure Time: Morning

Duration: Approximately 10 hours

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Located just off the coast of the Dominican Republic is the Caribbean tropical Saona island (isla Saona). This beautiful island was originally named “Adamanay” by the island’s original inhabitants. In 1494, the explorer Christopher Columbus renamed the island in honor of one of his friends who lived in Savona, Italy.

This island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. It is an island of white sand beaches, numerous palm trees and some of the bluest waters found anywhere in the world. As part of the tour to this island paradise, guests will be transported to the island on a speedboat to arrive quickly in order to enjoy what the Saona offers. Guests will enjoy swimming, an open bar, playing beach volleyball and relaxing in the tropical breezes.

Also, a lunch will be served to each guest. The lunch includes Dominican foods including rice, beans, pork and chicken. The return trip to the mainland is on a catamaran. There is an open bar on this cruise. Guests will enjoy this slow moving trip on gorgeous waters as they listen to and enjoy the sounds of Latin music.

*Please don’t take the starfish out of the water to take pictures with them, they can survive only 10 seconds out of the water. Many people innocently pick them up without knowing the starfish are actually dying while they take pictures.

Featured attraction on this tour!


  • Round trip transport
  • Professional guide
  • Speed boat and catamaran to Isla Saona
  • BBQ, buffet lunch
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Beach clothing
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash

Hotel Lobby or specified meeting point.

*Pickup times and locations vary by hotel location. The exact pickup time and location will be provided on your voucher after booking.

A minivan or minibus will pick you up at your resort or hotel and transport you to a larger bus that will take you to the jump off point for Saona island on the Bayahibe Town Beach. 

Sneak Peek

6 reviews for Saona Island Catamaran

  1. Jarred Cook
    2 out of 5


    While we heard rave reviews about how great Saona Idland is, it definitely wasn’t what we expected. First off, the total length of our excursion was 11.5 hours, of which only 2 hours was at Saona Island and another 25 minutes at the natural lagoon…very disappointing. Pair that with constant interruptions at the beach from peddlers, and it wasn’t even relaxing. If you’re older or have difficulty climbing, this tour may not be suitable for you given the climbs in and out of boats and switching boats throughout the day. You do get unlimited drinks but the cups are small, so it’s hard to stay hydrated unless you stay by the cooler. The boat rides were a little crowded and there was a constant push to buy more stuff…photos, souvenirs, etc. The lunch was ok. A large portion of the chairs at Saona island were broken, so finding a place to stay was sometimes difficult. The guide got off the bus well before the rest of us, which seemed a little disingenuous. Overall, we just didn’t like the excursion and would not recommend it to the traveler looking for a relaxing day in beautiful Dominican Republic.

  2. Brennen Sietsema
    5 out of 5


    Our trip with Sandro was very fun and informative. The photographer that went with us took some excellent pictures which we later purchased. We very much enjoyed the stop at the natural pool with the starfish, the speed boat, and the complimentary libations! Our favorite part was the beautiful beaches at Saona. Incredibly clear blue and lush palm trees in every direction! The included lunch buffet was very good as well. The cruise back on the catamaran sailboat and dancing was very fun. We met a lot of great people to share our time on the island with, and just had a fantastic time overall. Thanks so much!

  3. Alfredo
    4 out of 5


    The excursion was very well organized from start to finish and it was a big group… I went by myself on this trip and I think I was the only single passenger on the whole tour. You have to drive to Bayahibe from Punta Cana to get on the boat, we made a stop to go to the bathroom and buy some souvenirs on the way to Bayahibe. They divide the big group into two smaller groups, one group goes to the island on a speedboat and the other group sails in a catamaran, on the way back they reverse the order, that way everyone experiences both which is clever.

    Lunch on the island was quite good, the island itself is not as beautiful as I imagined but the beach is amazing so I just stayed the whole time either facing at the beach or swimming in it. A group played volleyball and they seemed to be having a good time. You also visit a “natural pool” which is a shallow portion of the ocean about a mile from the coast I would estimate and this place was absolutely beautiful, if it were for me I would have spent the whole trip there. The water is crystal clear, warm, tranquil, you can even see starfish! (be careful with them, don’t hold them out of the water for too long or they’ll die). I think this trip is to go with a group of friends or family or even with your couple but not so much alone.

    I had fun, it’s a long day but it’s always doing something, never waiting around which was a good thing.

  4. M Woods
    5 out of 5


    My trip to the DR was terrible. As promised by the iHEARTDR team staff, the only upside was the help we got from everyone making the most of our trip. We had lots of problems with the hotel. It was a good thing we had 3 days booked with iHEARTDR to get out. We went to Saona Island and had a great time. the trip to the capital city was too long, but our fishing trip was very professionally planned. Thank you guys for your service. We will speak highly about you back home in Texas.

  5. Yeny M
    5 out of 5


    I booked the Saona Island excursion, and it was a pretty fun time. The iheartdr team was extremely focused, qualified and punctual. I am very familiar with the DMC companies in the Punta Cana area, but iheartdr is unrivaled; they came highly-recommended and with good reason! As well the superb staff, the tour itself was outstanding and very safe. The beverages and foods were also truly good. Had a ball, and will do it again soon!


  6. Becca H.
    5 out of 5


    Brilliant tour! We had a wonderful day from start to finish, really enjoyed the stop to see the starfish the staff actually swam out to get some more for us to appreciate. We loved our time on the island and my husband’s favorite part of the day was the (drumroll please) FOOD!

    I wasn’t looking forward to a slow moving catamaran trip to head back home but once it was time to leave the island I wasn’t ready to end my day so the slow moving ride back was perfect. A great day, totally recommend it. I was actually tempted to do this excursion twice during our holidays.

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Customer Questions & Answers

1 month 22 days ago

What is considered a child ages

1 month 21 days ago

For this tour the child age is 12 years old and younger. Children under 2 travel for free.

2 months 21 days ago

I’m planning my trip to Punta Cana for October and this sound so much fun. What are the best days to book this tour? And do you do something special for someone’s birthday? Last but not least is it safe?

2 months 19 days ago

Hola Perla,

Since Punta Cana is am all year round tourist destination the day you book the tour for really makes no difference so I would advise booking for the day that best fits your schedule. Please let us know during checkout that someone in your party is celebrating their birthday and we can do a little something special for them. Safety is the number one priority on all the tours so book with confidence!

4 months 12 days ago

Does this tour make a stop at the natural pool ?

4 months 11 days ago

Yes it does! It’s my personal favorite part of the tour : )

6 months 15 days ago

We will be Punta full days Friday and Saturday of this week 2/20 and 2/21… We want to book the Saona Island tour but looking at the weather it shows rain both days. Being local down there what does a rain/thunderstorm consist of and what day would you suggest booking the tour for?

6 months 15 days ago

Just yesterday we had flash floods in Punta Cana / Bavaro due to a trough but this is extremely unusual especially in this time of the year so I just happened to be checking the weather forecast when we received your question. The trough that caused the rains yesterday is moving away and weather is back to normal, the rain/thunderstorm forecast is almost a trademark in the Caribbean due to high moisture but in Punta Cana it can be pouring one minute and complete sunshine the next so bad weather does not stick around for much. Weather wouldn’t be my main concern for choosing a day to go to Saona so it’s basically up to your personal preference to either go on Friday or Saturday. Hope this helps! :)

6 months 25 days ago

What are the operating days? Some sites I have found say Monday, Tuesday, Saturday & others say 7 days a week. I would just like to clarify since we will only be there 3 days.

6 months 25 days ago

This tour operates: Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat. Hope this helps! :)

6 months 27 days ago

Yes, however snorkeling equipment is not provided on this excursion. You can bring your own or rent it from locals at the beach. Please note that this is not the best snorkeling destination, if you are interested in snorkeling off an island you may want to consider the Catalina Island tour.

Claude Doucette
6 months 28 days ago

Is there snorkeling off the beach?

7 months 22 days ago

We are planning a wedding in the area and would like to have a day trip as a thank you. Do you offer group rates there will be 50-80 people?

7 months 19 days ago

I have forwarded your e-mail address to Thomas who will be contacting you to assist you with planning :)