18 Reasons You Should Never Visit the Dominican Republic

18 reasons you should never visit dominican republic

**Sarcasm Alert** – I LOVE the Dominican Republic…Obviously! 🙂


1- For some reason, people seem to think the Dominican Republic is the perfect vacation spot. They are obviously so wrong!

View of Barahona, Dominican Republic
Barahona, Dominican Republic | Michelle Brea / Creative Commons License

2- The beaches are supposed to be among the best in the world but I honestly don’t see why…

Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Roozbeh Rokni / Creative Commons License

3- … they are so crowded both day and night.

Sunset in Punta Cana, DR
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Joe deSousa / Creative Commons License

4- There’s NOTHING else to see beside endless miles of beach.

Two fishermen in the Hatillo Dam
Presa de Hatillo, Dominican Republic | Hector Mota / Creative Commons License
Salto del Limon in Samana, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
El Limon Waterfall – Samana, Dominican Republic | Dustan Sept / Creative Commons License

5- You could try exploring underground but it won’t be ANY better.

Cueva de las Maravillas in Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Cueva de las Maravillas – San Pedro de Macorís, DR | godominicanrepublic.com

6- Wildlife is practically nonexistent.

Royal Peacock in Puerto Plata
Royal Peacock – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic | Rob / Creative Commons License
Baby humpback whale in Samana, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Baby Humpback Whale – Samana, Dominican Republic | Christopher Michael / Creative Commons License
Rhinoceros Iguanas in Punta Cana | iHeartDR
Rhinoceros Iguanas – Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic | Sasvata (Shash) Chatterjee / Creative Commons License

7- It’s HOT every single day…

Valle Nuevo, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Valle Nuevo, Dominican Republic | Damian Dominguez / Creative Commons License

8- I mean REALLY hot…

Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic | Sosúa Online / Creative Commons License

9- Landmarks are just beyond basic…

Santiago Monument, Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Santiago Monument – Santiago, Dominican Republic | Ulises Jorge / Creative Commons License

10- … and the “famous” Colonial Zone is no exception.

Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Colonial Zone – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Adam Mizrahi / Creative Commons License
Columbus Viceroy's Palace in Santo Domingo | iHeartDR
Columbus Viceroy’s Palace – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Margaret Bourne / Creative Commons License
First Cathedral of the Americas - Santo Domingo |iHeartDR
First Cathedral of the Americas – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Genosonic / Creative Commons License

11- Artistic culture is practically absent…

Carnival Costume - La Vega, Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Carnival Costume – La Vega, Dominican Republic | lchunt / Creative Commons License

12- … even the museums don’t display anything of historical significance.

Crest of Columbus - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Crest of Columbus – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Zach Mobrice / Creative Commons License

13- The food is just blah…

Dominican food plate | iHeartDR
Liren Chen / Creative Commons License

14- … not even dessert is any good!

Habichuelas con dulce plate | iHeartDR
Habichuelas con Dulce / Source: telemundo.com

15- In short, the Dominican Republic is not a place worth visiting.

Sunset in Barahona, Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Barahona, Dominican Republic | Michelle Brea / Creative Commons License

16- It’s not even visually appealing…

Starry Night in Las Terrenas, DR | iHeartDR
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic | Dustan Sept / Creative Commons License

17- … nothing majestic about it.

Humpback whale in Samana Bay | iHeartDR
Samana Bay, Dominican Republic | Rui Freitas / Creative Commons License

18- Most importantly, you might fall in love with the DR and won’t want to leave. You’ve been warned!

Beach in Punta Cana | iHeartDR
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Ben Kucinski / Creative Commons License

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