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18 Reasons You Should Never Visit the Dominican Republic

18 reasons you should never visit dominican republic

**Sarcasm Alert** – Obviously… 🙂

1- For some reason people seem to think the Dominican Republic is the perfect vacation spot. They are obviously so wrong!

View of Barahona, Dominican Republic
Barahona, Dominican Republic | Michelle Brea / Creative Commons License

2- The beaches are supposed to be among the best in the world but I honestly don’t see why…

Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Roozbeh Rokni / Creative Commons License

3- … they are so crowded both day and night.

Sunset in Punta Cana, DR
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Joe deSousa / Creative Commons License

4- There’s NOTHING else to see beside endless miles of beach.

Two fishermen in the Hatillo Dam
Presa de Hatillo, Dominican Republic | Hector Mota / Creative Commons License
Salto del Limon in Samana, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
El Limon Waterfall – Samana, Dominican Republic | Dustan Sept / Creative Commons License

5- You could try exploring underground but it won’t be ANY better.

Cueva de las Maravillas in Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Cueva de las Maravillas – San Pedro de Macorís, DR |

6- Wildlife is practically nonexistent.

Royal Peacock in Puerto Plata
Royal Peacock – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic | Rob / Creative Commons License
Baby humpback whale in Samana, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Baby Humpback Whale – Samana, Dominican Republic | Christopher Michael / Creative Commons License
Rhinoceros Iguanas in Punta Cana | iHeartDR
Rhinoceros Iguanas – Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic | Sasvata (Shash) Chatterjee / Creative Commons License

7- It’s HOT every single day…

Valle Nuevo, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Valle Nuevo, Dominican Republic | Damian Dominguez / Creative Commons License

8- I mean REALLY hot…

Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic | Sosúa Online / Creative Commons License

9- Landmarks are just beyond basic…

Santiago Monument, Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Santiago Monument – Santiago, Dominican Republic | Ulises Jorge / Creative Commons License

10- … and the “famous” Colonial Zone is no exception.

Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Colonial Zone – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Adam Mizrahi / Creative Commons License
Columbus Viceroy's Palace in Santo Domingo | iHeartDR
Columbus Viceroy’s Palace – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Margaret Bourne / Creative Commons License
First Cathedral of the Americas - Santo Domingo |iHeartDR
First Cathedral of the Americas – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Genosonic / Creative Commons License

11- Artistic culture is practically absent…

Carnival Costume - La Vega, Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Carnival Costume – La Vega, Dominican Republic | lchunt / Creative Commons License

12- … even the museums don’t display anything of historical significance.

Crest of Columbus - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic |iHeartDR
Crest of Columbus – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Zach Mobrice / Creative Commons License

13- The food is just blah…

Dominican food plate | iHeartDR
Liren Chen / Creative Commons License

14- … not even dessert is any good!

Habichuelas con dulce plate | iHeartDR
Habichuelas con Dulce / Source:

15- In short, the Dominican Republic is not a place worth visiting.

Sunset in Barahona, Dominican Republic | iHeartDR
Barahona, Dominican Republic | Michelle Brea / Creative Commons License

16- It’s not even visually appealing…

Starry Night in Las Terrenas, DR | iHeartDR
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic | Dustan Sept / Creative Commons License

17- … nothing majestic about it.

Humpback whale in Samana Bay | iHeartDR
Samana Bay, Dominican Republic | Rui Freitas / Creative Commons License

18- Most importantly, you might fall in love with the DR and won’t want to leave. You’ve been warned!

Beach in Punta Cana | iHeartDR
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Ben Kucinski / Creative Commons License

186 thoughts on “18 Reasons You Should Never Visit the Dominican Republic

  1. Julio says:

    Ese titulo hace mucho daño y la mayoria no lee mas que las 2 primeras lineas, El sacarmo es minimamente entendido. Lo mejor si no quieres hacer daño al pais es que quites este mensaje y te hagas otro mas explicito.

    • Carlos Gomez says:

      Coincido al 100%. Aun considerando el evidente sarcasmo el titulo es desafortunado. Mucha gente se queda solo con el titular y no va mas alla. La intencion de Ari Guerra es indudablemente buena pero lamentablemente este artuculo tendra el efecto opuesto al que intenta.

  2. Alisa says:

    I’m Dominican first of all. People who didn”t understand the sarcasm in this post seem to have a low capacity to give an objetive opinion. Ok, let me inform you all what I humbly know about my half island.DR. the stadistics show that we receive 7.5 millions of tourists every year that puts us in first. Touririst place of importance in the caribbean and probably in some latin american countries. The country has some issues to be solve of course because we are in the list of developing countries.and being or becoming a develop country brings good and bad t hings. But our turistics spots count on a special group of organized and prepared police that follows everycase that could happen to any tourist. In usa for example, the risks are high. In fact the stadists show that, not bbetter talk about countries that had only in this this year 126 tourists dead , or places around the world were massive tourists deads have ocurred because of errorism. The woman who talked on american tv about being beat for an unknown person in a hotel, didn’t want to make any claim or formal declaretion when was visit in hospital by the specialez police. She went USA and even this case was the detonant of the rest of the bad news and comments about this country nobody thought this woman and man where asking to the hotal for 2.5 millions of dollar when there are many inconsistencies in her declarations. Our country has beatuful landsscapes. Beaches, are not the only people can enjoy but also rivers, mountains, music, carnival and every site of this country has a different climate, we call it micro climate, which means we have animals and plants that are endemics. But our major attraction is our people. Poverty and problems don’t make us sad, people smile, dance and enjoy because thats part of our identity. You are all welcome to this island with the best of our smile. I really would like to know who is involved in this dirty campaing, envy? Maybe some president in us has investments in that specif area Punta Cana and way american people wants to work a political game against this president is attacking him like that? But wouldn’t be fair doing this using what you maybe considered a weak country, because we are not. Againg you are all welcome and insted of beleiving news that are obviously united to make damage ask visitors about the good experiences they have had. We as a country are very sorry about these deads and send our sincere condolescens to their families.

    • Karla says:

      what happens is that the bad news becomes viral fast, the good ones don’t, i’m from DR and all the turist that come, never want live, and REMEMBER: ¡all the countries in the word are insecure! usa too, what of all the terrorist that appear? so, go and enjoy.

    • Linda D says:

      I go to the Dominican Republic 3-5 times a year to rescue puppies. I have been doing this for 5 years and have never had an issue. I believe the deaths on the South Shore, Punta Cana/La Romana are the actions of a sick person. It is a third world country so don’t wear gold or diamonds. I keep a small amount of cash in my pocket and the rest in my sock. I have never had an issue. Most people are amazing but there are bad people everywhere.

    • Joe says:

      I have been going to DR for over 13 years and have never had a problem as other postings have said. The people are awesome and very kind. There is good and bad in every country, including the US. It’s only natural that you are concerned, but I think until the facts are released (If Any) we should not assume that all these deaths are related. The US is doing toxicology reports on three of the individuals who died this past month. We need to remember the media is really hurting the Tourism there. As an American I feel bad for some of those 300,000 people who are employed by these resorts because if tourist don’t go they are likely to lose there jobs and they don’t make much money to begin with. I commend your mom for doing such a nice thing and I am sure that she will be blessed for doing this. It is a very poor country.

  3. Scott Herget says:

    you are so uncultured. You sound like a typical American who thinks any other country visited is nothing worthwhile to look at. I’m an American married to a Dominican woman and have visited DR many times in my life and shut down all of your outlandish observations. The food is incredible, the beaches are amazing…oh and i guess you didn’t know that Casa de Campo is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world and hosts one of the best golf courses in the world. Many celebrities go to Casa de Campo so if DR wasn’t so great, why do celebrities vacation here. Unbelievable….

  4. Catheline says:

    I am sorry your experience was so different to that of the thousands of tourists that visit this 1/2 of the island each month. I would say that prior to making a website to clearly state a one sided opinion of few interactions with the island, you take the time to reach out to other tourists and take suggestions from them. Perhaps your funds were low, perhaps you went to a bad area, perhaps you didn’t explore at all. Just your pictures alone contradict your statements. Please do further investigation prior to counting this small country out. I am sure there are bad things, but the beautiful things are in abundance and far greater than what you apparently experienced.

  5. cats and dogs says:

    You are just uncultured thats why you are disrespecting the DR you don’t see the beauty in the little things so next time you want to say something make ure you know all of the culture. You dont know anything you just look for plain things right in front of you your dumb.

  6. Gerben Verhoeven says:

    You did a good job, and I loved the sarcasm. I have been in the DR now for 7 times and every time was like that I feel like being home again. With Gods bless I will go next year again. I love the country and the people. Muchas gracias por tener un tiempo muy feliz. Hasta orita con Dios adelante.

  7. Mairoby Z Segura says:

    Thank you to everyone who visit my beautiful island, and love and respect it. Gracias a todas la personas que vicitan mi bella isla. Para todo que no entienden, solo escriben cosas buenas de nuestra país. C llama sarcástico. Que quiere decir que todo lo contrario de lo que dice.

  8. me says:

    lol i’m Dominican at first i was so made at the author of the article and calling them a hater. i feel so god damn stupid now.

    • Charles says:

      I am an investor in the DR. At first i thought the writer was very angry but when i read through the number 18 i realized he was using reverse psychology. But the danger of that is a simple mind might take it to the letter.

    • Raysa says:

      I’m sorry you feel this way. My family comes from one of the poorest areas of DR Haina, a place which I’m very proud to have called home. We moved to the US when I was a little girl. Today I live in California, own a multi-million dollar business and just paid over $30,000 in taxes.

      Most of my family members also contribute to this country. Two of my aunts and cousins own a salon and the rest of the family members work and pay their dues.

      We came from very humble beginnings. From living in the Campo without even a bathroom inside our home to contributing to this great country. And while many Dominicans have not reached what society considers this level of success I can tell you that we are very successful in one thing along with the rest of our Latin America cousins. We are strong, resilient and open to all no matter what. You can shun us or play your cards however you want, but you cannot take away our joy and spirit.

      If one day you so choose to visit my country you will be treated with love and respect.

      I hope you can learn in our short live that words have power. You are better than this, so please consider choosing your words wisely.

  9. Mike says:

    I have been comming, and living in the D.R. for a year, and a half.I vacationed there, and met some of the most friendliest people there.I met a beautiful woman there, and have been happily married for over a year.I live in Boston, and love to come here for the winter.The taxis are very cheap if you know what your doing.Just dont be stupid, and have your phone, or show money in the wrong places, as there is crime everywhere in this world.I am white, and still blend in taking the metro, or just walking down the street.Of course it is a poor country, and it is not good to walk at night in certain places.Just play it safe like anywhere that has robberies, but most of the people are very friendly, and the dollar here goes a long way.Beware of driving here though, as it can be dangerous if you are not use to it.

    • DR🇩🇴❤️ says:

      That bored? C’mon, get a life , instead of insulting people go get a life , I’ll stay in my beautiful country, with my people❤️🇩🇴 Byebye honey boo

  10. Morning Star says:

    I have to say to the author Air Guerra, Great Job! The article was interesting & Quite clever I must add. LOL> It took me a minute before I caught on to sarcasm. As I begin scrolling, I noticed that your captions didn’t match up with the artifacts. I have not yet had the privilege of exploring DR but from what I can tell, The island is stunningly beautiful. I cannot wait to visit! I have to say, reading some the comments regarding the article were hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing. Some of us need to be more open minded, enjoy life; because life is good, have fun and laugh a little more.

    • Morning Star says:

      @ ARI GUERRA. Sorry sweetie, I totally screwed up your name.. Please forgive me.. Much love, have a Blessed and Happy New Year! :-)- 2018

  11. Mark says:

    I can’t believe the amount of people on here who missed the whole point of what the author was trying to impress upon them. Jeez, the DR is a beautiful and FANTASTIC place, I loved it for the 10 days my wife and I were there. We are definitely going back!!

    • Junior says:

      Most things are not idiot proof, in this world. I was suspicious of sarcasm, after number 2. As I read on, I was glad I clicked on it. I was looking for reasons, why I shouldn’t go, but this made me want to go. Some people, probably didn’t read it, and assumed the worst. Please read and view the photos, before leaving a comment.

  12. Mariela Raven says:

    Hello, I feel as though this article is very biased. I could say the same for any other location in the world like Berlin. I would recommend that in future articles you have concrete details and examples to back up your claims. The tone you used seemed to attack the Dominican Republic too, so I would also recommend using a polite tone. It is the home to many individuals.

  13. N says:

    Some people have not evolved enough to understand and have their interest peaked. If the D.R. was so horrible, it wouldn’t be thriving with tourist. Especially first timers. I took the article as sarcastic. How can u say such ugly things and provide a beautiful visual. Hell yes I feel in love, and MOVED from the U. S. A.
    And by only coming to the states a few months out the year to visit and keep continuous U.S,here I’m darn near a millionaire!
    Love it! All places have crimes and ugly people. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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  15. Rene J. Kirchheimer says:

    “Sarcasm” is a subtle form of humor and you have to have a certain sophistication to partake and “catch on” to it. When you want to “promote” a destination your goal is to tempt as many people as possible to visit there. So I don’t think it’s the “ideal” method to persuade the public in general. As a song of old times goes: “accentuate the positive; diminuate the negative”.

  16. Francisco says:

    Been on Punta Cana, rented a car to see more and our conclusion as quite seasoned travelers was the same. The ones I know that would disagree do so for reasons more related to uh “especial friends” than the place per se. There was an effort to maintain acceptable security. (While shopping on normal supermarkets wasn’t rare to be more or less followed by a guy with a big gun, or nearby your car).
    Más bien tiene mucho fundamento… Es decepcionante objetivamente y en especial si has viajado bastante. Respecto de la seguridad se notaba un esfuerzo notable por preservarla.

  17. SFC Polanco US Army says:

    Whoever wrote all this negative reason not go to Dominican Republic, is tire of living or maybe a couch potatoes who is used to tv and video game. Life is not the same every where you go. I know, because I had the opportunity to travel to lots of places in my life. Remember, we are dire rents people and likes things that to other may not be good at all.

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  19. elga says:

    its a thirld world country!but it has amazing people!beaches!and its considered to be one of the hapiest country in the entire world!

  20. Annie Scale says:

    you forgot to mention constant crimes aganist foreigners, begging criminal kids, no sidewalks,

    no cuisine, obnoxious “ricos”, horrendous traffic, no place to go, nasty malls with horrible food,

    dirty bathrooms with bloody tissue, ugly and unfriendly people..

  21. DAVID EARLE HALL says:


  22. ian MacDonald says:

    Great “tongue in cheek” headline. I cannot think of a better place to travel from Scotland. (2 or 3 times a year). The local people are fantastic, friendly, and mostly poor. Do not get caught in your resort, get out there and explore. Samana Santa is my next trip. Magic place. If the headline annoys you, you will not appreciate the Island as well as you should!

    • EnjoyDR says:

      If you haven’t already gone there, you will absolutely love Samaná. It’s hard to look anywhere and not see the ocean. Cayo Levantado is a beautiful little island off the coast the local “yoleros” will take you to for a small fee and it’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever see in your entire life.

  23. kelvin says:

    When you see the title you think about why does she wrote something like that ,then you start reading and suddenly you discovery that’s is upsidedown she it have double sense that’s nice for that reason I read the article

  24. Lola says:

    You’ll see the problem here is not that she or he is being sarcastic. A foreign person to the country might see this article just read the first 5 and automatically say no to coming. You should change at least the topic sentence so that a person thinking of visiting the country admires yours reason and read it all to the end to see that you were just joking. That’s the problem, bad marketing.

    • Elaine says:

      Thank u dominican republic is amazing. The reasons r childish and make no sense. Just making fun of countries that dont deserve it. Im american and i go there every summer and i never get tired of it.

  25. ODETTE says:

    YOU dont now what are even saing becoes yes i am a 9 years old girl whea 9 YEARS OLD SO YOU KEEP YOUR COMMENT FOR YOUR SELF BECOUSE WE ARE ALL DOMINICAN AND WHAT IF I SAY US IS TRASH you will not like that so keep your mauth shuded please becoese this is our contry and WE TAKE CARE OF IT SO MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINES COUSE OUR CONTRY AND WE LOVE IT DIOS PATRIA Y LIBERTAD

    • Fred says:

      Hey you didn’t get that he was being sarcastic? You have a lot to learn and should realize that before you make aspersions. Don’t know what that means? Look it up and smarten up.

  26. Radha Chalas says:

    Nada como QUISQUEYA LA BELLA. Yo amo mi pais ,no solo las playas que ilustran el articulo ,sino tambien ,su historia ,su gente, bondadosa y atenta. su musica y laindomita y bella las ciudades y pueblos de nuestra Quisqueya.
    YO VIVO EN UN GRAN PAIS -usa, pero nada compara cn mi lind aQuisqueya.

  27. Anonymous says:


    • Yokasta says:

      Si, es con “sarcasmo”… pero realmente tiene “mala leche”, pues despierta el morbo y el bullying de los que gozan denostando y queriendo humillar a otros. Por eso, por gente con esas ideas es que hay tanta maldad y desdicha en el mundo. Que lastima! Ningun reportaje de ningun otro pais, lo han realizado utilizando el sarcasmo… El que no le guste un pais, pues que no lo visite y ya… los ciudadanos no tienen la culpa de que tantos otros paises quieran apoderarse de esas tierras “tan malas, con gente ‘tan fea”, y sin educacion… Solo quieren llevarse Su oro, su plata; destruir sus bosques, y sus montanas… contaminar sus aguas… y sus rios. Pero todo eso, los dominicanos lo han sufrido, lo sufren y si se revelan… son condenados internacionalmente… acusados de !esclavistas! ES MEJOR QUE NO NOS VISITEN… que nos quedemos como un viejo spot turistito “El mejor secreto del Caribe”. Asi no recibiremos pederastras, violadores de ninos..
      NO NOS VISITEN, por favor.

  28. Keko Jones says:

    Como en todo el mundo, una cosa es venir o estar de vacaciones…..otra cosa es vivir de forma permanente y cotidiana en un pais.

  29. BETSY says:

    Its like the ones who writes that dont know nothing about DR and their history ist not just abourt the beaches and the colonial zone, its about the culture, the people, their history, the caribbean zone, if you dont like our caribbean whether its your problem, because we love it , and most of our visitants too.

  30. hotel boutique puerto malecón says:

    Bahia de las aguilas La mejor playa virgen de todo latino america,

    Producimos el 82% donde los turistas podrán saborear de los mejores platos preparados con el sazón y productos Dominicanos.

    le faltó mencionar los 27 charcos en Puerto plata, el proyecto más romántico del caribe número 1 para las bodas, orchid bay, las piscina naturales en Cabrera,.

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  32. George says:

    You forgot to mention, Cabarete, Cayo Arena, Cayo Levantado, Bahia de Los Aguilas, Playa Rincon, Sousa, Casa de Campo, Bavaro, Los Altos de Chavon, La Romana. I’ve been going to DR for 10+ years and I’ve traveled the Caribbean extensively. There is no other island like it, hands down.

  33. Loveitbut says:

    The Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración
    It was originally built during the dictatorship of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo in 1944 as “Trujillo’s Monument to Peace.” He ordered its construction in his own honor…. He was such a great guy!
    The food is just blah… yes it is!
    Good to see all the clean beaches .. how about a shot of La Boca beach with it mounts of plastic bottles or the Ozama River…. could find any good ones of that?
    Keep it in reality and not a fairy tail please.

    • Sasha says:

      Did you just say Trujillo was a great guy?? You do know that he murdered thousands of Haitians and Haitian-Dominicans right?

  34. Sergio says:

    Y Eso que falto el merengue,la cerveza,los duces,los Rios de sajoma, la Laguna dudu…..falta espacio para describir tantras cosas

  35. Sandra Martinez says:

    Ohhh poor of you! Look at yourself talking about something you don’t even believe yourself! The thing is that wether you like it or not DR is one of the best destination to vacations and spend quality time with! (Not say it by me but by experts!!)

  36. Juan Carlos Stefan says:

    Fantástico!!!!!! Pero le falto, que la peor razón de visitar RD , es su gente, ya que si vienen, jamás serán tratados como los tratamos aqui , en ninguna parte del mundo!!!!!!!!!REPUBLICA DOMINICANA…INAGOTABLE!!!!!

  37. hiran hichez says:

    Ok. Me disculpo por mis comentarios acerca Aristides Guerra, de que despues de verlo desde otro punto de vista entiendo que es propaganda reversa como le llaman. Yo vivo en una area de estados unidos donde la gente constantemente me pregunta como es de donde vienes? Y yo les digo muy bonito. Y me preguntan si vale la pena ir y les digo que si, y derrepente me preguntan que porqué ese artículo? Hasta que finalmente lo vi y me dije con razón. Lamentablemente los dominicanos en este pais y en el mundo no han dejado mucho que desear de modo que desde que mencionan la palabra dominicana ya se le paran los cabellitos. En España es asi, en Swiza y alemania, y en New York ni se diga. Por eso no lo vi como muchos aqui, algo divertido porque para mi no es nada divertido hablar mal del pais. De los politicos? Si claro, pero no del país. Gracias a los que me escribieron para conversar sobre el asunto en mi email. Have a great day.

    • Aristides Guerra says:

      Hola Hiran, iba a responder al mail que nos enviaste directamente pero me alegra mucho ver tu último comentario 🙂 qué bueno ver que tenemos embajadores como tú en el extranjero que defienden nuestro hermoso país.

      • Esperanza says:

        Aristides al igual que Iran, me incomodo un poco el titulo de tu articulao pero un profesor en la universidad nos enseño a leer un articulo completo ante de interpretarlo algo que todavia ejercito, me ha alegrado infinitamente. Con respecto a los malos comentarios de los dominicanos en el extranjero es solo hecho por un grupo de dominicanos indeseables que no han tenido ni van a tener nada ni dentro ni fuera del pais, son los eternos apaticos a su falta de superacion, yo personalmente solo he recibido elogios de extranjeros hacia mi pais, y mis amigos que han viajado conmigo a la Republica Dominicana ya viajan solos y son casi mas dominicanos que yo de como se han enamorado de mi pequeña 3/4 isla . Tengo un grupo de dominicanos dentro del pais que critican todo empezando la situacion economica, pero todos tiene casa de playa, casa de montaña, fines de semana en los diversos resorts un carro por cabeza. Mi abuelo decia que el domincano desde tiempo de Trujillo se acostumbro a gritar miseria para que no le quitaran,

      • Aliia says:

        Si es hermoso, pero nuestra mente no tiene empleo, no hay leyes que se respected , mucho governantes corruptos, mucho as altos,mucho robots, mucho pedigüeños mucho trafico, falta de agua, falta de luz, falta de medicinas en los hospitales , bajo salarios, policías corruptos mucha pobreza, mucho Haitianos y que mas que eso, nos dañaron el país se acabo el paraíso.

  38. Joan says:

    Love this article!
    Whoever is going against the article, did not really read the entire page. Humor people humor. And if you don’t have humor, then you did not take literature before. It’s a beautiful country and I am part of it. Yeaaay

  39. Brian says:

    Heheheha. “New generation”, indeed. I suspect I’ve met less ‘with it’ people in my seven plus (7+) decades, Hiran Hichez, et al, but you pretty much take the cake. The reason I read this article in the first place was the obvious juxtaposition of reality in the title. This was a delightful article/advertisement about/for the DR, it’s culture, beauty & tourism there. Aw, razenfrats, why bother, bet you won’t get this either.

  40. Jan Kristensen says:

    Perfectly right. I’ve been to the DR 5 times now. And still the same as above. – And you forgot the lousy selction of only 20 or so premium rums.

  41. Vanessa says:

    Its amazing how dense, and ignorantly stupid people are. This is written with humor. The pictures obviously show the opposite of what is being said. Ignorant people shouldn’t be online.

  42. Hiran Hichez says:

    Aristides Guerra, you are such a pathetic useless man. You use this way to damage the image of a country that is the home to many of family members and without basement most of all. Let me illustrate you since you are such an ignorant, the majority of the resorts there are owned by overseas entrepreneurs and not because they are stupid but because they are smart and not like you, and guess what? They see the potential of the country. The DR beaches are better than any beach in the world to be a third world country, that is hot? What do you think the Tropics means? North pole? So what are you complaining about? Maybe you don’t have money and of course can do nothing but waste your time doing nothing, but that is your fault not the country’s.

    I think you need to delete this post because it i s not only offensive, but it is against the true nature of the reality, because your article is baseless and very undermining, trying to deceive people with false information. No country is perfect, but the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer and that is your problem you are such an ingnorant. Shame on you!

    • Kayla says:

      This is the dumbest reply to a post that I have ever read in my entire life. Either you are as blind as a bat, or an idiot for not understanding sarcasm. Dumb ass….

      • hiran hichez says:

        Psssss! Buch of idiots! It seems that you are from another planet where you don’t know how to talk good about DR without the nonsenses. It looks like you are very ignorant of the bad reputation dominicans have all over the world, to add this stupidity to the list of bullshit. Whatever smart ass! No wonder why people are afraid to visit there around this area of the US.

  43. Nicole says:

    Do you even been to DR before ??? I don’t think you do . Whatyou are saying is the completely opposite of Dominican Republic . What’s wrong with the beach ??? It is one of the best in the world, I don’t what happen to you ,but maybe you’re just blind!!
    The beach “SOMETIMES” are crowded with people because these people got feelings ,not like you , you got nothing . And what do you mean theres nothing else to see except the endless miles of beach, BECAUSE YOU NEVER GONE TO ANYWHERE EXCEPT THE BEACH . And how about the iguana you put on the pictue ,isn’t that wildlife and the wild animals , you just have to go to the right place to see them . And carnival is one of the best festival in DR , the custume that they wear , is one of culture that they have . And WHYIS THE FOOD OR THE DESSERT JUST “BLAH” , because you are just “BLAH”. I don’t want to talk more about you but SHAME ON YOU ,that you didn’t see the beautiful things in Dominican Republic

    • Glorianni Estrella says:

      Calm down. He’s been sarcastic and giving it a hint of humor to the article. His purpose here is obviously to show in the pictures that the Dominican Republic is the opposite to what he writes, which is an amazing beautiful country. Lol people get too serious about everything.

    • Kayla says:

      This is the dumbest reply to a post that I have ever read in my entire life. Either you are as blind as a bat, or an idiot for not understanding sarcasm. Dumb ass….

    • hiran hichez says:

      Nicole it is called talk trash about the Dominican Republic to make a point of the opposite. How smart is that hun? Instead of just talking good about it that will always be greatful and spark curiosity. But well, the new generation is what it is.

  44. michela says:

    DR its such a beautiful place. and just all other places it has its nice and bad sides. who ever is hating that’s because where they from is not as beautiful as DR….VIVA LA REPUBLICA DOMINICANA

    • GP says:


  45. Annie says:

    Nice choice of visuals. However, very poor choice of words. There are so many beautiful and positive things to say about Dominican Republic that there is not even place for sarcasm, nor need for it.

  46. Amo R.D. says:

    I love Dominican Republic!!! Mi Tierra es una Maravilla!!! Hermosas Playas, Tierra Bendita!!! Es un Privilegio Disfrutar con la Familia de las Atracciones Turísticas, este Pais es Hermoso!!! “Es un Paraíso para vivir y Visitar”!!! Te enamoraras de sus Hermosas Playas, Ríos, Museos etc. etc., Muchas Maravillas por Explorar, Disfrutar, Conocer. Nuevas Experiencias por vivir!!! A todos mis amigos Extranjeros están Enamorados de este Paraíso, a poco no??? Rica Comida Dominicana! Hermosos Paisajes, Gente Alegre y Humilde. La Flora y Fauna Bellosssss! l LOVE R.D. Estoy Enamorada de R.D. Soy Dominicana Lo se, Lo vivo y Me Encanta!!!!

  47. Joel says:

    I loved it, I hope is dedicated to all people on the wed who are hating such a nice country with friendly people and beautiful scenery..

  48. giselle says:

    this is hysterical! it is so obviously sarcastic and the writer obviously loves the DR… as do I, having lived, loved, beached, and worked there for over 3 years… but man, dominicanos… get a grip and embrace sarcasm! one thing for real, that I do not miss is the lack of sarcastic humor… you can take the girl out of new york… xo

  49. Lily says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the author is using sarcasm????
    Soy yo la unica que ha notado que quien ha escrito esto, lo hizo de manera figurada, para llamar la atencion??? Fijense que usa estampas hermosas para hablar “mal” de ellas.
    Por ejemplo: Cuando, aun vivia con mi mama y, hasta cuando voy de visitas, y me brinda comida, le digo: “diache mami, esta comida si que esta mala. No quiero mas” … Pero todo esto se lo digo con el plato vacio y caminando a la cocina para servirme mas….

    Lo que capta la atencion de la gente es el titulo del articulo, hasta que ven las fotos. Cualquiera con sentido comun basico se da cuenta de que esta en sentido figurado. Un relajo, por asi decir…

    Es mas, escribe el nombre del lugar en donde fue tomada la foto y su fotograf@

    ASI QUE LOS COMENTARIOS POLITICOS ESTAN DE MAS. El pais sigue siendo hermoso para quienes lo queremos asi, aun sin dejar de lado la realidad en la que vivimos…

  50. Jumary says:

    DR has the best things in the world. You should wonder why tourists keep coming and coming here. Pleaseeeee, don’t be such a hater! Shame on you!

  51. Alfredo Russo says:

    Tienen toda la razón de decir de los políticos corruptos que hanan ido vendiendo todas las áreas de playa aprobadas por un congreso de políticos que llegaron a ese curul sin nada en los bolsillos y hoy disfrutan de bonanza económica, pero que tienen que venir extranjeros a invertir o lavar dinero a nuestro país. De lo que no puede dejar de reconocer que estamos en el ombligo de América y que la naturaleza y belleza de Quisqueya la bella no se puede cuestionar, la pobreza existe en todo el mundo y por esa razón existe la delincuencia que en nuestro país pudiera ser controlada si el sueldo de los policías fuera suficiente para ellos mantener a su familia porque ellos saben en cada barrios quien es cojo y quien es manco. JP tu eres italiano tu comentario es irrelevante Hay muchos Dominicanos ricos con mucho Dinero pero no han invertido en el país y otros tienen mucha inversión en el área turística.Lo que no acepto es que éste artículo venga a menos preciar nuestro país y menos a su gente alegres, sencillos y con lindas mujeres y del país lo tiene todo y no soy político

  52. juan says:

    I do not know of any Caribbean country where it’s safe to be alone at night. I live in the US and it’s prudent to walk the streets at night by yourself, or most countries for that matter, to include Europe.

    I am Dominican living and raised in the US, I have a home in both countries. And yes, while tourism is vital to most countries especially small ones, foreigners are staying and living in the DR (especially Italians) knowing full well all the pros and cons. Go future. It’s like anywhere else in the world….you learn to navigate and use common sense. Try wearing a really nice gold chain, a fancy watch or carry a stack of money in most places in the world and see what happens. BTW I noticed the “Monica” although stated somewhat negative comments and is obviously a foreigner has decided to remain in the DR instead of returning to her beautiful country….you have to wonder why

  53. Clayra Morales says:

    Es una pena que con un artículo tan lindo haya gente subrayando todas las cosas malas del país sobre las buenas. Gente como el autor de esto es que necesitamos más en el país, además de gente determinada a cambiar las cosas. En otro orden, ¡wow! ahora tengo una razón más para hacer turismo interno, cuántas bellezas. 🙂

  54. Un Dominicano de Pura cepa says:

    No tu comentario es el que esta fuera de lugar, o acaso quieres tapar el sol con un dedo, dime , algo de lo que dijo monica es mentira y por que ella es la que tiene que arreglar lo de este pais siendo extranjera , no te toca a ti a mi como dominicanos tratar de arreglar esto, este pais es muy hermoso pero los malditos politicos corrupto lo tienen hecho una mierda y nadie hace nada nadie protesta somos culpables somos complices pero no te molesta cuando alguien de afuera viene y ve la mierda que pasan aqui eso te molesta, ellos admitieron que este pais es una maravilla es precioso pero la inseguridad, la pobreza y la corrupcion empanan esa belleza y mierda es verda eso es verdad si te molesta arreglalo trabaja para eso en vez de estar diciendole desagradecido a una persona por decir la verdad

  55. Monica says:

    Everything stated above is all true, it is a beautiful Country. The fauna and flora is absolutely stunning, the beaches amazing.

    In my opinion there are unfortunately holding the Dominican Republic back from being THE TOP TOURIST DESTINATION as well as NOT HAVING THE AMOUNT OF FOREIGN INVESTMENT as it should with the great laws and tax programs that are in place for foreign investors.

    The first problem is corruption. Because of the vast poverty that is prevalent all over the island everything can be bought. The police, government officials etc , etc. You may think this is good because you are a foreigner and have money so you’ll be ok if any problem comes your way. Remember a corrupt Government can always work against you too, because there are always people that have more money then you do. So basically you can’t really trust the authorities. That is not reassuring to any company big or small to invest their money here no matter how good the incentives are.

    The second problem is the crime, again because of the poverty there is a lot of crime. If you go out at night in a group, lets say to a restaurant, and you take a taxi there and back you will be fine. I would not suggest walking around alone after dark. You have to use common sense do not wear jewelry, you’d be surprised how fast a gold chain can be ripped off your neck. Senior citizens are a popular target. Do not go out with a big wad of money. If you thing you will need quite a bid of cash have your money split up, and keep your 500.00 peso pocket ( thats what we like to call it here ) if by chance you do get held up give them that, and what ever else they ask for , i.e.,: watch, ring , etc. Never refuse. If you follow basic street smarts and stay away from problem areas you should be fine. I felt I had to mention these things so people got a true picture of the Dominican Republic . Yes, the Country is very beautiful, I and many of my friends have chosen to live here and as I said if you are smart and diligent you shouldn’t have any problems.

    • Dominicana de pura cepa says:

      Y que tu stas haciendo para resolver la corrupcion y el crimen y tofos esos problemas que malintencionadamente mencionas aqui? Seguramente tu misma te has benefuciado de esa corrupcion pues por tu perfecto ingles se nota que perteneces a esa oligarquia “de torres y colegios bilingues” causantes y culpables de todos los males de este pueblo. Y si eres extranjera, que esperas para largarte entonces a algun pais escandinavo, cuando uno vive en un pais extranjero no anda pregonando las taras del pais que lo recibio a uno pues eso es pecar de malagradecido e insolente. En fin, que lo uno o lo otro, tu comentario esta fuera de lugar.

      • jp says:

        Non es verdad que dice essa signora ??????? Claro que si !!!!!
        Calla te signor Dominicana !!!!! Gente come usted deve provar de cambiar esse maldito corrotto de PLD, y non criticare los estrangeros o touristas, porque en este pais, SIN esta gente non tienes ni un chelito !!!!!!

      • jaja says:

        Oye esa vaina, que dizque es oligarca porque sabe inglés. Señorita, eso es EDUCACIÓN BÁSICA, no oligarquía. Usted parece pertenecer al imperio de los IGNORANTES.

    • silverio says:

      SOY DOMINICANO DE NEPTO,, primeramente en parte loo que dice de los corruptos politicos es verdad ,,yo no he viajado a ningun pais ,,pero todo pais tiene sus problemas ,la falta de carencia ,necesidades ,pobreza los hay en todo
      pais ,si te vas a mexico te cores el riesgo de que te mate .,,otro pais no importa si es rico O pobre,,,los malditos politicos han convertido este pais en cueva de ladrones ,,,mi pais
      es BELLO, HERMOSO ,,pero tenemos que trabajar con la patria

  56. JLCP says:

    República Dominicana es una tierra bella e incomparable, con personas que quieren su patria. Con una cultura sin igual. Visítala y conócela, veras lo hermosa que es su gente, su biodiversidad, sus monumentos.

    En definitiva, la a República Dominicana es donde Dios descanso luego de la Creación.

  57. Rosa says:

    Bueno, que jueguito mas feo y sucio… April fools day es en los Estados Unidos y el dia de los inocentes es en diciembre en nuestro pais…. Precisamente por los malos entendidos esas clases de articulos no deben ser permitidos por nosotros… porque habra mucha gente que mal interpreta, y por esta misma razon, danarnos en el sentido turistico que es una de las pocas entradas que tenemos de dinero en nuestro pais. Sarcastico, lo que sea….

  58. alex madera says:

    Excelentes fotos las tomadas como ejemplo para mostrar algunas de las bellezas con que contamos en la República Dominicana, lamentablemente hay muchas personas que no se detienen a leer, sino que solo ven el título y de ahí parten para exponer un criterio equivocado sobre lo que en verdad se refleja en el contenido.

  59. Francia says:

    Yo pregunto,porque de Puerto plata puso un pavo Real si somos uno de los polos turísticos más importantes del caribe y tenemos tanto para ofrecer, es tanto que me tomaría mucho numerarlo por aqui.

  60. Carlos says:

    De to!!!, me vine a llevar el sarcasmo a la mitad. Para los que no lo entendieron hubiera sido muy jevi terminar el artículo con algo como: “Dominican Republic is not a place you should visit, is a place you should live in”

  61. Jose Leandro Guzmán Fernández. says:

    Todo es segun el color, del Cristal con que se mira. Ppr supuesto, el del artículo lo vió de colores grises. La Republica Dominicana, del Caribe, es una de las Islas más hermosas, con buen turismo, hermosas playa, ríos , y campíñas. La comida no le gustó? Lo entiendo, a ciertas personas no le gustan los aguacates y el aguacate es el complemento ideal para “Sancochos”, locríos, asopaos, y sin faltar nuestra bandera Dominicana arroz, habichuelas y carnes; y el mangú. Y olvidó la gente, su cerveza, su “ron”, y no sigo, pués es verdad, las playas de New York, son fabulosas ( eso piensan algunos) y muy llenas de sombra, con una arena de cal, y fondo cristalino… utópica realidad. Les fata conocer a “Sosua”.

    • arlyn says:

      Algunos simplemente no entendieron el objetivo de este artículo, el autor lo único que hace es exaltar las cualidades del país, y el método utilizado para esto fue el sarcasmo. Léelo otra vez, analiza e interpreta. 🙂

      • Nathalia says:

        Muy interesante la forma de llamar la atención del articulo hahaha 🙂
        Aunque creo que el detalle esta en el titulo y por eso alguno no puede analizarlo e interpretarlo como sarcasmo; a lo debia decir ” 18 reasons why people think you should never visit DR” asi las frases hubiesen creado mejor el sarcasmo … Pero overall, muy cool! porque de una vez me dio ganas de dar Click y ver de que se trataba.

        • Juan Rojas-Carrasco says:

          No se si se dieron cuenta… Pero el artículo es del 1ro de abril, día de los inocentes en los EEUU.

  62. Edú says:

    Quien sabe leer podrá entender que quien escribió esre artículo está utilizando el sarcasmo. Muy bueno, me gustó. República Dominicana no tiene desperdicios. Te faltaron fotos de Bahía de las aguilas y quisiera que corrijas lo de las iguanas, estas son endémicas de la zona del “Lago Enriquillo”, que por cierto, debiste poner un par de fotos de este hermoso lago.


    • Aristides Guerra says:

      Hola Edú, Hice la corrección sobre las iguanas, en principio puse Punta Cana porque ahí se tomó la foto pero para estos fines creo que es mejor poner Lago Enriquillo. Gracias por tu aporte y tomaré en cuenta tus sugerencias de fotos para la versión 2.0 !

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