14 Travel Hacks That Could Make Your Punta Cana Vacation Easier

Hand closing a yellow suitcase


These tips will make traveling a little bit easier. Simple hacks with everyday objects that somehow we’ve missed until now! Keep rolling down the page and be amazed at some people’s creativity.

How to park your chords when traveling

Tip on what to do to remember if you locked the door when you left home or not

What to do when you want to take a nap in public transportation to protect your bag

What to do when you travel to a country where they don't speak english and need to ask for directions

The best place to ask for directions

How to fix your sandals if the hole breaks

Clever place to hide your vacation emergency money

Secret hideout for your valuables while swimming at the beach

Homemade cheap iphone speaker

Use the USB port on the tv set at your hotel to charge your phone or camera

Tip on how to make the perfect sandwich

Tip on how to heat leftover pizza on a microwave without the crust getting chewy

Using Doritos to start a fire

How to use an empty cardboard six-pack as an outdoor food tray

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