11 Fun Things to Do on a Party Bus

Inside party bus

If you think the only fun things to do on a party bus only involve alcohol, think again! In this article, we will cover 11 fun things to do on a party bus no matter your age! There’s something for everyone!

The options are endless, from dance revolution to having a theme for your party!

Party buses are clean, customer focused, and inexpensive! 

Read on to discover what to do on a party bus.

1. Fun Things to Do on a Party Bus-Theme 

Think of what your guest loves and make that the theme of your party and decorate accordingly! Some theme ideas are: 

  • Mermaid
  • Toga
  • Karaoke 
  • Back to college

Think streamers, balloons, and banners!

2. Games for All

They’re so many games you can play while on the party bus! Some fun game ideas are: 

  • Apples to Apples
  • Uno
  • Go Fish 
  • Cards Against Humanity

Do you like card games or more board games?

3. Story Time

Grab a book and choose a few different passages. Have each person take turns reading each passage then have them guess what book it’s from!

4. Sing-Off

Who doesn’t love karaoke? Split into teams and let everyone take turns practicing. Then the singing contest against teams begins! 

5. Coloring Is in 

Why not bring along adult coloring books? Kids and adults alike find coloring very calming

6. Telephone

Remember how fun telephone was? It’s one of the best party bus ideas for adults. Start at the front of the bus and see how it winds up!

7. Charades

You can plan ahead and pick out a prize from somewhere and whoever wins gets the prize! Have the charades match your theme for even more fun!

8. Head’s up 

You can download it onto your tablet and bring it along with you! The object of the game is to guess the card on your head. 

9. Guess the Bag 

The host can plan ahead writing out a list of items. Once ready to begin, split everyone into teams of two. As quickly as possible, each team will go through their purse/bag to try to find the item.

The team who finds the item first gets a point. This game can go for a while and be lots of fun.

10. Dance-Off 

Plan ahead by asking your party bus what type of sound they’re equipped with. Then determine what you need to bring. Once you’re ready to start, you can take turns as teams dancing safely. 

11. License Plate Hunt 

Separate into groups and have each team try to find as many unique license plates as possible. The team with the most variety of license plates they found wins!

Are you ready to book? Check out this party bus to have the best experience for your group for any setting, such as a sweet 16 or a wedding. 

You have just discovered 11 fun things to do on a party bus! Many think it’s all about alcohol, but there’s so much more than that! What are you waiting for? Get out there and book now! 

You will have the party bus experience of your dreams whether it’s a sweet 16, prom, or a night out on the town! 

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