8 Things You Must Consider Before Renting A Villa For A Vacation


Now that we are approaching a new year, most people are working on planning their upcoming vacations, probably even their entire vacations’ calendars. This is probably the first thing on everyone’s to-do list before turning on the beloved “Out Of Office” autoreply. Other than the fact that HR demands you to submit vacation plans ahead, you will find that this is actually great for you, especially if you are considering to go for rentals for your holiday accommodations. 

Unlike the old times, hotels are no longer the most favored accommodation options when on a trip. Thanks to numerous rental companies and apps, spending your vacation in luxurious villas or quaint little cabins is now accessible to everybody, elevating your travel experience to a whole new level. If your dream is to spend your summer days in a beach villa in Malibu, you do not have to sell a kidney to make it happen! You can fulfill this dream in many different ways. Vacation rentals have been in huge demand now more than ever, since people are looking for, otherwise unattainable exclusivity like spending a spooky weekend in a medieval castle. To help you decide on your perfect vacation villa for you and the family, below are 8 things you must consider before renting:

Your Destination

 Although going for rentals is the best option in most cases, with some vacation spots, they are not feasible. If you are planning a summer vacation where you get to bask on the mesmerizing sands of Mexican beaches, the best way to do it is to rent an exotic beach villa. The team at Vallarta Rentals in Punta Mita pledges a unique stay in their selection of extravagant villas on the tropical paradise. But, if yours is a trip to a metropolitan city with skyscrapers and the rest of it, a villa rental is probably not the smartest choice since it will probably be super expensive. And even if you have the budget for it, you will want to walk around and experience the urban life rather than stay at a lavish villa that you won’t have time to enjoy. So, according to the destination and the kind of experience you are targeting you can decide whether or not to go for villa rentals. 

The Property Management Company You Deal With

Although it is amazing that you can find online rental websites with thousands of options at different price points, it is actually common to find out that a good handful of those are a scam. It is preferred to follow a friend’s referral or do some thorough research to get reassured about that company’s legitimacy. Pictures posted online are not hardcore evidence that a company is the real deal. Use your better judgment when browsing online rental providers. If a website offers a price package that seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true at all. 

Whether You Have A Reliable Point Of Contact

3 person writing on a book

Now that you verified the legitimacy of the rentals provider you are working with, you need to figure out your point of contact person. Imagine that you and your friends paid a considerable sum of money to share a dream villa in Hawaii to celebrate your graduation, and after you go, you find that the little piece of heaven is covered in mold and all kinds of insects! You need to have a solid answer to a “what if things go wrong” scenario. You should know whom to contact or what to do when things go wrong and have it stapled in the contract. 

Who RSVP’d?

Do you know that all-family vacation you and your siblings vow to go on in every family gathering? Unfortunately, you usually never go through with these plans. So, before you get too excited and book a 3-floor villa for one month in Italy, make sure you have a solid confirmation from everyone who’s on board. Otherwise, you may end up unjustifiably losing a huge nonrefundable deposit.

The Timing Of Your Booking

You will save a ton of money if you pay for your planned rental well in advance. The closer you get to your travel date, the more renting companies will make use of your latency and exaggerate their asking price. Make use of early-bird offers and don’t lose the chance to stay in the villa you are fantasizing about for a whole year now.

Hidden Costs

Often times for showing purposes, renters stage their properties to make it more attractive and buzz-worthy. Ignorant to this fact, you make the call to book, and to your surprise, the outdoor Jacuzzi is not included in the posted price. And that cozy little treehouse will probably cost you your son’s college fund. Although eligible, such practices will waste your time going after misleading ads.

Exact Whereabouts

Online rental pics are usually super zoomed-in with intricate little details that sparkle under the sunlight. There’ll often be an elusive description along the lines of “located in the most vibrant part of the city… etc.” Unless you see the whereabouts of this property, do not rush into making the booking. You can look up the exact address on Google Earth and see a live photo of that specific property and surrounding area to be on the safe side.

Your Budget

Last but not least, your budget will limit your search field regarding what to consider as a potential option when looking to rent a vacation villa. When assigning your budget, leave some room to go beyond and splurge as you see fit. 

Compare prices from different sources and make use of financing deals popular across all industries these days. Many property management companies will give you financing options where you can pay for your vacation accommodation in small monthly installments. With some diligent research and planning you can have the ultimate vacation stay that you can afford. Don’t get too distracted by the pretty pictures and misleading adjectives used in the description box of an advertised property. Once you find the chosen villa, all you need to do is gather the family, pack your bags, and turn your vacation mode on.

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