Extra Precaution One Should Take With Water Activities

Whether it’s diving, swimming or water skiing, it is important to understand what risks you will be taking when you are out on the beach on vacation. There are numerous ways you or your family can get hurt while playing at sea. With so many ways you can get yourself in harm’s way, it is important to take the necessary safeguards so you can enjoy your time under the sun and out in the waves.

We have summarized a few precautions you can take when you are doing water activities on vacation.

Man swimming

1. Learn how to swim

It may seem obvious to a lot of people, but going into the water without knowing how to swim makes you more likely to drown. About 10 people die from drowning daily, so it’s a lot more widespread than you may think. It wouldn’t take much to flip your canoe over, or for a big wave to knock you off your surfboard. So, keep yourself prepared and take swimming lessons before considering any water activity.

2. Wear a life jacket

Even if you consider yourself an expert at swimming, it is always a good idea to wear a life jacket while out playing in the waves. Sometimes, the sea is just too turbulent for you to keep afloat and struggling against it just means you’re using up too much energy and drown. It found that 70% of drownings are avoided if a personal floatation device is worn, so if you’re out at sea, keep yours on. They may not look stylish, but they can save your life.

Woman jumping to the water

3. Wear proper footwear on the beach

When talking about water activities, we tend to forget about what we do outside of the water, or on the shore. If you are in a rocky area or a place with lots of debris around, it is always a good idea to keep your feet protected. That is why it is important to have water sandals handy. When you are out of the water, you should keep these on, and your chances of getting tetanus or any other form of injury to your feet are diminished significantly.

4. Use the buddy system

The last thing you would want to happen when you are out having fun at sea is to find yourself alone when you need help. Having a partner around ensures that if something bad happens, there is always going to be a helping hand readily available. If you have to be alone when you go out into the water, then make sure that somebody at least knows where you are.

5. Check the weather

Sometimes, even the most beautiful of days can turn sour at the drop of a hat. Conditions at sea can be very unforgiving, especially if you find yourself overboard. Whether you plan on scuba diving or paddle boarding, pay close attention to the weather conditions in the area where you at, and double check where the safe spots are. Check the wind conditions in the shoreline and scan the horizon for any adverse weather formations in the distance.

Whether you’re out for some fun or just want to splash around with your family, everyone deserves to have a great time without worrying about what could happen. Taking the right precautions gives us this kind of luxury when out at sea. When it comes to keeping safe, understanding the potential dangers are just half the battle.

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