Plan a Cruise to Welcome the New Year: 8 Fun New Years Eve Ideas


Looking to change up the way you normally celebrate New Years Eve? Here are nine fun New Years Ever ideas to bring on the party!

Every year we celebrate the dawning of a new year with raging parties and spectacular celebrations that happen from coast to coast, and even all around the world!

In 2018 an estimated 175 million people in the United States alone watched the ball drop at midnight. Some watched the festivities live in New York, but others watched from their couch.

What? You want to do something new and fun this year to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style, but you ran out of new ideas a couple of years ago. Don’t settle for another solo party on your couch!

We came up with a great list of fun New Year’s Eve ideas. Keep reading to learn about our favorite things to do for a New Year’s Eve celebration!

1. Formal New Year’s Eve Gala

Many restaurants, hotels, and conference centers will host a New Year’s Eve gala. But, be aware that these are most often black-tie formal events, so dress to impress or you may not make it through the entrance doors!

Live entertainment from a band or performer is common at these events, so you may need to buy a ticket in advance. Don’t wait until the last moment to buy a ticket, because these popular events often sell out, and once the tickets sell out, you’ll need to make alternate plans!

2. Street Party

Want to party without getting all dolled up? A good New Year’s Eve block party is where you want to go! Most street parties are appropriate for all ages, so bring the whole family so everyone can be part of the New Year’s Eve celebration!

The best street parties will have food, drinks, live music, confetti and a huge firework display as the ball drops at midnight! You don’t want to miss a community event like this!

Most street parties are free entry, so you can come and go as you please. But, check before you go because some block parties sell entry tickets in advance or at the event and you’ll want to make sure you have enough cash before you go.

3. Throw a Mock-Tail Party

If you want to throw your own ball drop party, but you don’t want to include any booze in your New Year’s Eve festivities, mock-tails are a fun and delicious alternative to getting buzzed!

Make daiquiris without the rum and sparkling cider mimosas; you can make any mixed drink you like into something alcohol-free and fun! Since there’s no booze, the kids can enjoy a drink as well and be part of the party!

4. Cruising into the New Year

There’s no need to keep your feet on dry land when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve when you could have a swingin’ New Year’s Eve party out at sea?

If your New Year’s resolution is to travel more, try one of the NYE cruise adventures in a different country like Australia! Start living by your resolution before the ball even drops!

The best part about being on the water during the ball drop is (if the ship is close enough to land) you get the best views of the fireworks painting the night sky at midnight.

5. Midnight Run

If you love a good run or if your resolution is about exercising and getting healthier, consider going for a run at midnight to celebrate New Year’s Eve! Start your new year off on the right foot… and then the left… and then right again!

Another benefit of going for a midnight run is the view you’ll get of all the fireworks going off! No need for a flashlight on this night run, the sky will light up as the ball drops, so you’ll know the moment the new year begins!

6. Fun New Year’s Eve Ideas to Do at Home

Not feeling up to a New Year’s Eve party? No worries, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate the new year at home with a small group of friends, or on your own, whatever mood you’re in!

Throw a pampering party and do facials, mani/pedis, hair masks, and whatever else makes you feel pampered! Add some healthy snacks, some wine, and go the extra mile to hire a masseuse to come and give massages to everyone for a New Year’s Eve party fit for royalty!

7. Roll the Dice as the Ball Drops

Start the year off with lady luck on your side because, who knows, you could hit a jackpot and go into the new year with a fatter wallet!

On top of the gaming fun, most major casinos will throw huge parties as well! They include dinner, a show, and a ball drop celebration for anyone 21 or older.

If this sounds like your kind of party, you should check out Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve! All the casinos work in tandem to form one massive celebration from one end of the strip to the other!

8. New Year’s Eve Club Party

For a thumping good time, you have to try a New Year’s Eve party at a nightclub! The DJ plays the best party music as you and everyone else in the club dances the rest of the year away!

Look at all the local clubs before you decide because many clubs offer drink specials and VIP packages for their New Year’s Eve parties. Be sure to buy your tickets early because all the best clubs will sell out for their ball drop celebrations.

New Year, New You!

No matter what you choose to do on New Year’s Eve, you should take your time and enjoy the moment. Grab a few friends and celebrate together! There are a million fun New Year’s Eve ideas to suit everyone’s palates!

Whatever you do to celebrate, do so in a responsible way. A great night can turn bad when people get intoxicated and decide to drive! Have fun, but call a ride if you’re not sober!

We hope you have some inspiration for your next New Year’s Eve celebration. For more information about fun things to do around the world, check out the rest of our travel blogs today!

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