5 Must-Visit Beaches for College Spring Break 2020

Woman walking on the beach

School is almost back in session and it’s not too early to start thinking about planning spring break. Here are 5 must-visit beaches for college spring break.

Are you already thinking about your next spring break now that classes have started? Do you want to spend your free time in a place you’ve never been to before? If so, then you should plan your college spring break for a visit to some of the beaches that North America has to offer. These beaches are a haven for college students looking to enjoy thrills in warm weather.

With our knowledge of travel and adventure, you will be able to make amazing memories from your college years.

Here are five must-see beaches for your college spring break in 2020.

1- Captiva Island

Among our favorite places to go for spring break is Captiva Island, which is full of beaches that provide relaxing sand to lay in while you tan. The water is calm and clear in case you just want to cool down in the heat.

The beaches on this island in Florida are also full of seashells and other objects that you’ll want to add to your souvenir collection. You can walk to the restaurants from the beaches so save time and money for the night’s activities.

2- Myrtle Beach

Myrtle beach is the way to go for South Carolina natives and those who plan on visiting the state for the first time next spring. This is one of the most popular spring break destinations because of its length and use for parties hosted by world-famous DJs. When you’re not surfing or tanning, you can try some of the rides at the amusement parks by the beach. Myrtle Beach is also a major shopping area in case you need new clothes and vacation items.

3- Cabo San Lucas

Moving over to the west coast, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico provides more than just waves for surfing and spaces for flying kites. This is a reliable option for spring break destinations for college students because you can kayak for a workout or go snorkeling to check out the aquatic life. Natural wonders at this beach include Playa del Armor and the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, which make for great additions to your photo collection and spots for cliff diving. The restaurants along the beach allow for beautiful views of the sunset while you eat dinner.

4- South Padre Island

Texas is also home to beaches that are perfect for a college spring break, with South Padre Island being a common spot. The water is calm in case you just want to cool off, and boat tours let you see different angles of the beach. South Padre Island also provides the opportunity to learn more about the birds and sea life that call this beach home. You can check out birds at the South Padre Island Birding and Natural Center, as well as dolphins and sea turtles at the Dolphin Research & Sealife Nature Center.

5- Daytona Beach

We are now heading back to the East Coast with Daytona Beach in Florida, which is full of activities for beach lovers. You can take it easy with paddleboarding and kayaking, or you can take speedboats out for a race.

There are plenty of piers for fishing in case you want to send pictures of big catches back to everyone at home. There is also no shortage of shopping centers for souvenirs.

These beaches provide different settings and activities to enjoy your college spring break. Give these options consideration so that you can make your spring break memorable. Check out more of our travel expertise so that you can find the best spot for your next adventure.

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