How Safe Is Your Car At The Airport Parking During Your Trip?

Jets parked on airport

Mid summer is one of the busiest times of the year for travelers. If you’re wondering where to leave your car when on vacation, the first question you have to ask is how long are you planning to be away? If just leaving for a quick getaway or a short business trip, you can probably just leave your car in your garage or the regular parking space where you keep it every day, and find a lift back and forth to the airport, should you choose.

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But a long trip with a car in the garage of an empty house can be an invitation for would be car thieves, so it isn’t an option for many people since their car would be too prone to theft. Besides that, you might not be able to bum off a trip to the airport, and if you live far from it, plus carrying luggage, getting to the airport can be a pain without your car.

This opens up another question, and that is if it’s safe to leave your car at an airport. Long-term parking at airports can be safe, but also has its own security issues. This is because most airport security doesn’t have the means to monitor every car that is parked there. Some of the most serious issues for your car could be:

Theft of valuables

If the airport only has outdoor parking rather than indoors, this makes it easy for experienced thieves to quickly break into your car. You’d be surprised how many people even forget to lock their doors if running late for a flight, so technically, a thief wouldn’t even have to break into it.

Surveillance lapse

Not every airport is that advanced in surveillance. Airport security has more than enough on their hands to protect travelers, let alone in their cars. In many cases, long-term airport parking is not monitored very well because airports generally do not have the resources to make sure every parked vehicle is protected.

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More than theft, vandalism is often a problem. Unfortunately, some people just like to destroy private property. Graffiti, key scratches, busted windows are all types of damages that can happen to a car parked at an airport.

Stolen parts

It’s not that difficult to undo a headlight, taillight, or side view mirrors. There is always a black market for these stolen items, making it a lucrative business for car thieves.  As you can see, parking at the airport might not be the best of ideas. The bigger the airport, the more cause to worry with thousands of people going in and out on a daily basis.

The solution?

With every problem, there is always someone out there bright enough to come up with a solution, and where to leave your car during travel has a very good solution in using companies that offer off-site parking. Even at the largest airports, such as JFK, Newark, Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, the website service of BWI Parking allows you to compare, reserve and pay parking providers leave your car in a safe environment around those airports. You can reserve your parking space online, have the choice for a valet or shuttle parking, the option to leave or take your keys, and opt for an online payment or payment on the spot. This has become a very viable solution for frequent travelers and others.

Jets parked on airport

The last thing you want to worry about whether traveling for business or for pleasure is your car. The last part of a trip is coming back, finding your car in good condition and driving your car back home. There’s no reason to leave your car, outdoors at the airport, when airport parking companies can do the job at a lower price, have less crowds and offer you a safe place to park your car while you’re away.

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