Hiking in Punta Cana: Your Top Options

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When it comes to hiking in Punta Cana, there are abundant options that offer scenic landscapes and a variety of challenges that range from easy walks to challenging exploration. Some are guided and other destinations allow you to explore at your own pace, possibly stopping to picnic or swim along the way.

From hiking, zip lining, caving and more, you can be sure of a great outdoor adventure when visiting the area.

Guided Hikes

Explore the villages of Anamuya, Vista Allegre and Bonao as you discover the flora and fauna of the Eastern Cordillera. This hike is 5K and offers a creek where you can take a dip. A stop at lovely Macao Beach is provided on the return; you can walk the beach or swim before returning to the hotel.

If you are a fan of horseback riding as well as hiking, the Hiking and Horseback Riding tour is the one to choose. Visit a waterfall on horseback and hike in a tropical rainforest in this seven-hour adventure.

The town of Pedro Sanchez is the destination. You will be provided with snacks and a buffet-style lunch of tasty Dominican fare at an area camping club, where you can jump into the pool to cool off.

Nature lovers will be awed by the adventure which combines hiking, catamaran ride, and safari truck as well as horseback riding and exploration in a trip with multi-stops. The Samaná Adventure- Limón Waterfall and Cayo Levantado From La Romana tour will take you by horseback to the stunning Limon waterfall and Ensueño lagoon.


Lunch is included in this 12-hour trip to a scenic location, with all the details included.

If you enjoy beautiful nature parks, a trip to Hoyo Azul is the place to explore. Group outings to the cenote include swimming in azure waters. At Hoyo Azul, you can also explore a zip-line tour where you’ll fly over Punta Cana and swim in the lagoon.

View the Caribbean Sea and a jungle from above. Adrenaline junkies will be thrilled as they hike through the eco-trails and cross suspension bridges to get to the zip-line platform.

Hoyo Azul is located in Scape Park in Cap Cana. The lagoon sits at the foot of a cliff that is 246 feet high. The turquoise lagoon has a depth of 45 feet at the point where it is deepest. Jump in or bathe in the sparkling cave waters.

Another trip that combines hiking and Hoyo Azul is the one offered by Caribbean Dream; it takes you through dry and wet rainforest as well as to the Iguabonita cave for a guided hike. A visit to Hoyo Azul will give you great photos as well as lasting memories of a unique experience.

Self Guided Hiking

A self-guided tour is an option at Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Nature Preserve. You can hike and explore the park and swim in the lagoons, all on your own schedule.

You’ll leave the crowds behind as you hike, relax, walk the fruit garden or visit the petting zoo. Bring a mask and snorkel if the lagoon is your preferred destination.

Learn more about Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park, a conservation area of the PUNTACANA Ecological Foundation here.


Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy walking the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana. Spectacular views and white sandy beaches are the settings for low-cost hiking trips. You might consider walking at:

  • Bavaro Beach
  • Macao Beach
  • Arena Gorda Beach

The best part about hiking the beach is that you can jump into the water to cool off at the end of the hike. Often you can walk for miles along the beach, watching surfers or swimmers or just enjoying the view. Arena Gorda Beach provides miles of walking space.

Get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise as you walk along the beach. You may be able to walk for miles; seasoned hikers and strolling walkers will find a quiet beach a good option for enjoying Punta Cana’s natural beauty.

In fact, Bavaro Beach is the site of the longest and the most continuous white sand for walking, of the Caribbean beaches.

Bayahíbe, La Romana, Punta Cana is the site of the Cotubanama National Park, where caves as well as 300 types of birds, 500 species of flora and sparkling white beaches await the visitor. You’ll be able to hike the land portion that is accessed through Bayahíbe village. Birdwatch or explore the natural springs here.

The beaches of Saona Island are the location of an important turtle nesting site.


Hike the eco-trail of Las Ondas, a cenote (cave) inside of Scape Park. Las Ondas is part of an ancient cavern that is located underground. The trail can be walked at a leisurely pace; it meanders through a dry forest and leads to a steep staircase for the descent into the cave.

More Hiking and Caving

Cueva Fun Fun is situated in the northwest of Punta Cana. Hiking and caving are combined here. Hike for an hour before you reach the entrance to the cave. You can approach on foot or on horseback.

Rappel into the cave using a harness, helmet, and ropes. Bats, as well as stalactites and stalagmites and water, await your descent. You can reserve here as well as see exciting pictures of this cave.

Visiting Punta Cana may provide more than just the usual hiking options. With exciting adventures combined with hiking, you will discover and experience the hidden natural uniqueness of this part of the Dominican Republic.

Footprints on the sand

If adventure and excitement is not your thing, then hiking the pristine beaches is sure to offer some beautiful photos as well as lasting memories of your tropical vacation.

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