Fiji Honeymoon Packages – We Only Want the Best for the Newlyweds


So you’re about to get married and want to make your honeymoon one that is worth remembering for the rest of your life. Look no further because there’s nothing quite like the beautiful country of Fiji.

Fiji is well known for its large number of islands that each provides amazing views and romantic landscapes that bound to give you the perfect backdrop for your dream honeymoon. There are a variety of fiji honeymoon packages that include options of location, what kind of housing or rooming you have, and the activities that you can get down to as well. One thing is for sure, regardless of the package you go for, you’re bound to find it to be one that is unforgettable. So let’s go over some of the best packages available for newlyweds.

Royal Davui Island Resort

This resort is absolutely ideal for honeymooners because it is an exclusive boutique island with a limited number of accommodations- 16 villas in total to be exact! So make sure that you get booked as soon as you possibly can. You get to have your own villa with your own pool, access and incredible views of the beach. 

Matangi Private Island Resort

This is an adults-only exclusive resort that is known to be famous for its tree houses and only has a total of 9 bungalows. Many people who have gone there for their honeymoon claim it was a taste of paradise. There are also a variety of activities available here, which not only makes it romantic, but you can have a ton of fun with your partner too going scuba diving or even kayaking.

Tokoriki Island Resort

We simply couldn’t have a list of honeymoon hits without including this resort island on the list! Made with couples looking for romance in mind, they have amazing services and the location is just incredible. You have 2 different restaurants to pick from and a total of 36 villas and bures as well. The rooms look like a scene out of a movie and the scenery and overall mood needs no introduction, not to mention that it was rated the number one place to go in Fiji for romance! 

Matava Eco Adventure Resort

If you’re the kind of couple who want to have romance, but also want to stay green and are always conscious of the environment, then this is the honeymoon destination for you. Nature here is as is, and you will still get pampered and have a taste of luxury, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the natural lagoons and venture into the jungle if you like.

Couple watching the sunset

You can’t really go wrong or run out of options when it comes to finding a honeymoon location for you in Fiji. There are up to 300 islands and the numerous choices of romantic resorts seem to be endless. Every which way you turn, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful sea along with nature and the stars in the evenings. Romantic dinners, spa, and water activities are always an option too and you’re bound to have this slice of heaven embedded in your mind forever as the best choice you made to take your honeymoon.

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