Make Sure You Don’t Forget to Bring Any Of These Things On Your Next Camping Trip

View from inside a tent

Camping is something that’s been around for ages and if you haven’t tried it out with friends and family, then you’re really missing out on an experience that is like no other. For those of you that are familiar with camping trips, you probably understand the importance of making sure you have everything you need. 

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned camper or not, it’s always advisable to have a list of the things that you need to have so that you don’t run into any unfortunate situations that could ruin the whole trip for you. Let’s go over the things that you simply cannot afford to forget before you head out on your next camping trip.

It would be more helpful if you divided the list into different subheadings so that you can feel like you’re even more organized.


TENT: This is the most important item to have on your camping trip. So it’s crucial that before you invest in one, you make sure that you choose one that is suitable for the trip and the number of people that you’d like to have with you in your tent. Reviews on Gear Signal help narrow down what kind of features and which material will be best for your trip. It doesn’t hurt to get one with a porch so that you have space to move and keep your belongings as well. 

SLEEPING BAG & PILLOWS: You need to choose either a single or a double sleeping bag. Having a double doesn’t necessarily mean you have to share, but make sure the tent is large enough to accommodate it. Even though some sleeping bags have built in pillows, it’s a good idea to bring a separate on that is comfortable, just in case.

SHEETS: There are times where you might be dirty, or perhaps the material of the sleeping bag might irritate you, so it won’t hurt to have a sheet or two to put over the sleeping bag.


POTS & PANS: Having at least a pot and a pan with you is important so that you have more than one item to cook it. The number will also depend on how many people you’ll have to cook for.

COOKING UTENSILS: Make sure you have the basic cooking utensils such as thongs, a spatula, a large spoon to serve with, and a wooden spoon for stirring.

Group of people around camp fire

EATING UTENSILS: What’s the point of cooking if you have nothing to eat with? Sure, worst case scenario would mean you eat with your hands, but there’s no need. Take a couple of forks, knives, and spoons with you. You might even consider getting recyclable disposable ones.

CLEANING UTENSILS: You’re going to want to save up on space, so you’ll probably have to be cleaning your dishes and pots after every meal. Be sure to get a sponge, a cloth, and dishwashing soap in a small container. Wipes can be very useful for this as well. 

CANNED GOODS: If you have a place that will keep fresh food, well, fresh, then that’s great! But you should always carry a couple of canned options with you. They’re easy to make and easy to store as well, and they don’t go bad.

OPENER: It would be a disaster if you relied solely on canned goods for nourishment, and ended up forgetting the can opener. The good news is, most canned goods are easy to open manually, but it’s still always better to be safe than sorry.

WATER: Be sure that you carry enough drinking water, even if you’re sure that you’re going to a place that has it available. You never know what kind of circumstances you might run into.

Other Necessities

TRASHBAGS: You are bound to accumulate a bunch of trash on your camping trip, and you don’t want to be leaving your mess all over the place. So it’s imperative that you have enough trash bags with you to collect and throw away the trash regularly. Especially if you’re camping out in wild terrain, you need to make sure that you don’t leave any food or trash out that my lure insects or the wild animals into your camping area.

TOWELS: This is a given. You need towels to dry the dishes or to dry your face if you wash it. You may even go swimming if you’re by a lake, or you might need it to clean a mess. Keep plenty with you so that you’re prepared.

TOILETPAPER: Even if you know that the site that you’re going to camp in has toilets, you should always have toilet paper with you. Whether it’s for using the bathroom or to clean up or dry up, toilet paper will always come in handy.

TOILETRIES: Going out to nature doesn’t mean that you forget your morning and evening rituals! Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, hairbrush and sanitizer. Carry a portable water spray that helps you clean up after using the bathroom, these are very convenient, especially when you have children with you on the trip.

FIRST AID KIT: This is probably the most important item that you cannot forget to bring with you. You want to make sure that your first aid kit is packed with every possible medication you can manage in case of injuries or accidents. 

It may seem like it’s a lot, looking back on this list, but these are necessities that you need to take with you in order to ensure that you have a successful and stress free camping experience. You may be in the middle of nowhere, or far away from the closest town that may offer any of these items, so it’s best that you are well prepared so that you don’t have to panic about anything at all and actually become immersed in the camping experience.

Being able to connect with nature, your family, and having an opportunity to get involved in activities that take you away from your everyday life is something that you should encourage your family and loved ones to do regularly. And having this list with you will have you more than prepared and ready to go camping at last!

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